A large list of candidates exists on Pacheta’s agenda in case the Sabadellian does not continue

A total restructuring of the goalkeeper squad Royal Valladolid is about to happen if Jordi Masip does not accept the renewal. The man from Sabadell has a contract with the Valladolid entity until 2023 but the sports management wants him to continue and that is why they have tried to contact his agent to start the contract extension process.

Unfortunately, both the representative and Masip himself have chosen to have an evasive attitude, so Fran Sanchez it’s pretty clear to him. Now what proceeds is to place the Catalan goalkeeper on the list of transferable to cash in on him in this summer market. At the same time, the sports director is already looking for his replacement and already has the list of pacheta.

Valladolid Masip
Álvaro Fernández is the candidate who attracts the most attention on Pacheta’s list.

The 4 goalkeepers Valladolid thinks of in case Masip does not continue

The idea of ​​the coach from Burgos was that Masip will continue, release Roberto and hire a goalkeeper from the 5 they have on the agenda. But if finally the former Barcelona does not continue, they will go ahead with the signing of the new goalkeeper and will promote one of the basic forces. As for the latter, it could be Samuel Casado who joined Valladolid Promesas last season.

Going back to the list of goalkeepers for the owner of the Pucela club, the names that sound the most in the blanquivioleta environment are: Sergio Asenjo who will leave Villarreal, Fernando Pacheco who does not want to play in the second division, Álvaro Fernández who does not want to return to Huesca and no longer has a cavity in Brentford. And Andrés Fernández who no longer wants to be in LaLiga Smartbank.

Of the 4 alternatives for Masip, Valladolid opts for one in particular

Although the 4 candidate goalkeepers to reach the gate Pucela have admirable characteristics and are quite striking signings, there is one who steals Pacheta’s attention. This is Álvaro Fernández, who has just had a good season in the Premier League, but the Bees club will not carry out their purchase option since Huesca and Monaco have asked for a high figure.

It should be noted that 50% of the pass is from the Huesca team and the other 50% is from the Gallic club. The price they are asking for from the Huesca offices is close to 6 million euros, of which 3 would be for each team. The blanquivioleta team will request a transfer with a purchase option, although they would have to fix the sale price for 2023.


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