Sant Cugat del Vallès will return to to be next Sunday, May 29, the epicenter of women’s cycling with the dispute of the 3rd edition of the reVolta, the women’s event organized by the Volta Ciclista a Catalunya Associació Esportiva, which for the second consecutive year has the support of the Sant Cugat City Council to continue consolidating an event that will once again enjoy participation of several teams of the international platoon.

The French team Cofidis, structure with a long history in international cycling that has started strongly in 2022 its commitment to women’s cycling, will be one of the great attractions of the race, which once again will feature the participation of several UCI Continental international category teams. Among them, stands out once again the Massi-Tactic, the only Catalan structure in the international elite, who continues to make steps forward and faces the revolt with ambition after 4th place of the Catalan Mireia Benito in the last edition.

This has been announced this Tuesday, May 10, at the official presentation of the test, held to the Cloister of the Sant Cugat Monastery with the participation of the mayor of Sant Cugat del Vallès Mireia Ingla, the president of the Volta in Catalunya Rubèn Peris, the general secretary of l’Esport Anna Caula, the president of the Catalan Cycling Federation Joaquim Vilaplana and the Massi-Tactic cyclist, Martina Moreno.

“Thanks to the confidence of the Sant Cugat City Council in the event, we have been able to consolidate the reVolta with its own identity and headquarters, with a demanding and attractive route that offered us a great show last year. As an organization, we continue to bet to grow this race and place women’s cycling where it deserves to be, and with the reVolta we have a great opportunity to do so”has pointed out the president of the Volta a Catalunya, Rubèn Peris.

The mayor of Sant Cugat del Vallès, Mireia Ingla, has pointed out that: “For Sant Cugat it is a pride to be able to host the 3rd edition of the reVolta. We are a city with a very large and diverse sports fabric, and one that makes a particular commitment to women’s sports. That is why we want to link the name of Sant Cugat to this demanding project in the field of cycling and we trust that our link can last for many more years”.

Anna Caula, general secretary of l’Esport, has valued the reVolta as a creator of benchmarks in women’s sports: “We must make visible, generate references and break stereotypes to continue promoting women’s sport. Throughout the year we see world-class events in Catalonia and we don’t stop”.

Joaquim Vilaplana, president of the Catalan Cycling Federation, also recalled the important work from the base to continue promoting women’s cycling: “Two or three years from now a real step forward will be noted because from the base it has been tightening and very strong . Having a team at the level of Massi-Tactic also creates an important benchmark to show that Catalan cycling has to be among the elite”.

For her part, Martina Moreno, a Massi-Tactic team cyclist, has highlighted the test route: “The course gives opportunity to both the most rolling cyclists and climbers, so we can show how we race as a team and the sacrifice of many runners for one. Depending on how it develops the race everyone can have their chance, and as a team we will go for it”has highlighted.

In addition to Cofidis and Massi-Tactic, the sporting level of the event will be ensured with the presence of other international UCI teams from the Spanish state, such as the Galician Team-Farto BTC and cyclists from other teams such as the Río Miera-Cantabria Deporte, the Eneicat-RBH Global or the Italian Bepink. Other national teams such as the Catalan, Zaaf Pro Cycling, the Galician Kiwi Atlántico-Louriña and cyclists from the Catalan teams Genesis, Tot net Terrassa and Costa Brava Mediterranean Foods they will not miss an appointment that will be scored by the calendar of the Catalan Women’s Cup.

One more year, among the large group of participants expected in the reVolta, it will have an international presence with teams from France, Portugal and Colombia. In addition to the Cofidis team, the French team from Groupe Abadie-Le Boulou will once again be in the race, with a significant presence of Catalan cyclists, as well as the Portuguese team Vélo Performance, which dominated the first edition of the Volta a Portugal last year, and The Colombian team San Mateo Procycling, also present in the last appointments of the Catalan calendar, will also contribute climbing potential to the race. An international platoon that could still be completed by the presence of some other team, since registration is still open until the week before the race.

The reVolta will repeat for its 3rd edition the route that offered such good results in 2021, with 97.1 kilometers of route starting and finishing at Avinguda Pla de Vinyet in Sant Cugat del Vallès that will put the participants to the test. The scoring ports of Alto de Capçuda (third category) and Alto de la Creu de l’Aragall (first category), the latter crowned about 30 kilometers from the finish linewill make the selection on a route that runs through the counties of Vallès Occidental, Baix Llobregat, Anoia and Alt Penedès.

The winner of this 3rd edition of the reVolta will take over from the Norwegian cyclist Katrine Aalerud (Movistar Team), who won last year in Sant Cugat in an exciting sprint, and the North American Lauren Stephens, who took victory in the inaugural edition of the test held in 2018 as part of the men’s event at the Montjuic circuit, in Barcelona.


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