The 37th Copa América would generate an economic impact of around 1,200 million euros

Barcelona looking forward to the start of the 37th America’s Cup in 2024. And it is that the dispute of the Jug of the Hundred Guineas will place it again in the world showcase of the world of sport and will allow it to continue growing. Without going any further, a study conducted by the Pompeu Fabra University has indicated that an economic impact of around 1,200 million euros is expected. The expenses associated with the regatta would generate an increase in the productive activity of the Catalan economy (gross added value, a concept similar to GDP) of 1,239 million euros, which represents approximately 0.5% of the GDP of Catalonia in 2022. This increase in activity will require a total of almost 19,000 full-time equivalent jobs and, according to the organizers of the 37th Copa América, more than 2.5 million visits are expected in the almost two months that the competition will last.

The study, commissioned by the Barcelona Capital Nautical Foundation (FBCN)was sued to estimate the economic impact that the celebration of the 37th edition of the Copa América will have for the city of Barcelona in 2024. It is the most important nautical competition in the world and is considered the third sporting event with the most economic impact for the host country after the Olympic Games and the World Cup. The result of the report is an approximate picture of what is expected to happen next year in Barcelona and the calculations are based on the information available at the time it was commissioned (December 2022) and taking into account that each edition of The regatta itself has a starting point and some particular conditions to those of the rest of the editions.

The report contemplates that Impact expenses associated with holding the Copa América amount to 1,115 million euros. Of the total expenses, it is estimated that 195 million correspond to investments and organization, 231 million to the expenses of the participating teams (including the six of the main category and the women’s and youth teams) and 689 million are the expenses derived from the 2.5 million visits planned by the organization in the two months that the competition lasts. All these expenses for the celebration of the Copa América will mean an increase in the productive activity of the Catalan economy that will report 1,239 million euros in added value, which represents approximately 0.5% of the GDP of Catalonia in 2022 and also the creation of almost 19,000 jobs. All this assumes that for each euro in investments and current expenses with an impact, €6.35 of GDP will be generated in the Catalan economy.

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The positive impact on the place where a major sporting event is held, increases the number of visitors, the consumption of goods and services, internal displacements, the creation of jobs, the promotion and revitalization of the trade, the media impact. Also prior to the event, but also during and afterwards, are carried out public investment in urban infrastructure, construction and improvement of sports facilities, improvements in urban mobility, creation of open-air public spaces, promotion of business activities linked to the nautical sector and promotion of sailing and water sports, visibility of the image of the city ​​and territory.

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