The trio of discards to free up field in the medullary granota

We have reached the halfway point of the winter market and the I raised It is not yet reinforced as it should, however, the sports management already has 3 ready urgent departures. With these operations, the Granota club hopes to release mass, set aside 3 places, and later begin to execute the transfer plan for Alessio Lisci.

The Italian coach stated that his priority is to free up the midfield since he has a overbooked evident in numbers. Until 10 flyers divided into midfielders and pivots completes the squad of the Valencian club. It is vitally important to release the players who do not count for the coaching staff for their performance.

lift outlets
Pablo Martínez, Álex Blesa, and Nemanja Radoja, the three discarded from Levante 2022.

The three Levante players set as the next exits

We start with Pablo Martínez from Madrid, who returned to the team after completing his loan at Mirandés. The midfielder has only played 701 minutes and Alescio has already given him the ultimatum to start looking for a team now. Next on the list is Álex Blesa, a Granota youth squad who doesn’t quite fit into the coaching staff’s plans. The safest thing is that it ends up in LaLiga Smartbank since their services are demanded there.

Serbian Nemanja Radoja closes the list, who is positioned as the best of the three discards in having a large market. The player is followed by several top teams, but the main problem is his salary. In fact, Granada CF, who already had everything ready for his incorporation, backed down at the last minute due to monetary issues on his record.

What follows after executing Levante starts

After the departures of the three Lisci discards are taken for granted, the first of the signings that the Italian wants to close is that of a defender. And it is that the injury of the German Shkodran Mustafi, has left a hole in the rear that if not corrected in time, could generate more problems. The good thing is that there are 4 more troops to deal with.


The following signing is targeted at the attacking midfield or right-hand side of the offense. There is only the Macedonian Enis Bardhi, who does not have a support or replacement when he is disabled. In addition, the coronavirus episode presented by Jorge de Frutos has left the Granota scheme without right ends.