The 3 possible destinations of Héctor Bellerin

The Arsenal look for a way out Hector Bellerin. The ‘gunner’ squad does not have the former Betis player and is looking for a way out for him. The Spanish winger, who was called up for the 2016 European Championship with Spain, has a good market in Spain, where his time at Betis raised passions. But Bellerin also has good poster in italy. Of the 3 teams with the most possibilities of signing him, 2 are from the transalpine country:

– Real Betis: Bellerin wants to return to Real Betis and Real Betis wants Bellerin to return. That is why Betis starts on pole to sign him. The player would know the club and the dressing room very well. That is, he would not need an adaptation period.

– Rome

– Florence: The ‘viola’ team thinks of Bellerín as a possible replacement for Odriozola, who, except for surprise, will return to Real Madrid after his loan for two seasons at Fiorentina. The Spaniard would have free rein to take ownership. The problem lies at a sporting level: and it is that Fiorentina, unlike Betis and Roma, will not participate in European competition next season.

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