The 3 possible destinations of Gareth Bale

Gareth Bale It is one of the proper names of summer. The Welshman ended his contract with the real Madrid after seven seasons full of titles, assists and goals. Specifically, 14 titles, 106 goals and 67 assists. Figures that, despite having lowered his performance in recent years, make him a world star. Gareth Bale will not renew with Madrid, so his football career will continue in another club far from the Spanish capital.

After the ‘bombing’ that jumped in mid-June, with the possible interest of Getafe de Ángel Torres, Gareth Bale cleared up any type of doubt and stated that the Madrid club did not call his agent or contact him personally, with which his signing for the getafense team was more than unlikely. It was difficult to imagine Bale in the azulona shirt, although not impossible. What Gareth is clear about is that his future is in the United Kingdom to reach the World Cup in Qatar, as reported by AS.

Three possible destinations, all in the UK

1.Cardiff: the best positioned. Cardiff City, from the English Championship, seems to be the club that would most likely host Gareth Bale. It would be to return to his country, with a six-month contract, which both would see very favorably.

2. London: insufficient interest. Arsenal and Tottenham could be interested in the Welshman, but it is unlikely that he will return to ‘Spurs’ or that he will try a new adventure on the other side of London with Mikel Arteta’s team.

3.Newcastle: The power of money. The almighty and ‘new’ Newcastle would be interested in signing Gareth Bale, but like Arsenal and Tottenham, the winger doesn’t like it and is still thinking about it.

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