“There is not an exact profile like him in the team, it is an important loss. You have to find the rebalance when he is not Sergio Busquets. It will not be eternal as it has happened to all of us and it is important that the club’s planning goes that way. There are options. It is necessary to double positions”, affirmed Xavi Hernandez at a press conference, touching on a sensitive issue for the FC Barcelona for the short term: Replace Sergio Busquets.

Despite the fact that many question his performance in recent years, the Spaniard is ideal for Xavi Hernández’s idea of ​​the game and is a piece that the coaching staff needs to assimilate the tactical plan. The midfielder is a key player in the positional game, considering that he is one of the pieces responsible for organizing the team with the ball and getting the ball from the baseline.

The 3 players who most “resemble” Sergio Busquets. Possible signings of Barcelona?

-Jorginho (Chelsea): The Italian became a valuable midfielder in the positional game since his time with Napoli under Maurizio Sarri. He is the 23rd Premier League player with the most passes, despite losing his starting job plus injuries.

-Maxime Lopez (Sassuolo): The Frenchman became a valuable midfielder in positional play since his time at Sassuolo, a club that has been committed to this style of play since Roberto de Zerbi’s time. He is the player with the most successful passes in Serie A.

-Boubacar Kamara (Marseille): The Frenchman is a midfielder with associative qualities, which have been exploited by Jorge Sampaoli in recent times. He is the midfielder with the most successful passes in Ligue 1 and fourth in the general table.

The 3 are the names that equal the level of importance in their team and the Spanish’s passing capacity per game, taking into account that they play at different levels and competitions. Finding the “new Busquets” seems very complicated, so Xavi will have to start looking for a different profile or bet on a youth squad who knows how to play to his idea.


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