The 3 official offers that FC Barcelona has received for Coutinho

Three new proposals have arrived at the offices of the culé club asking for the Brazilian

It is no secret to anyone that the offensive midfielder Philippe Coutinho, has the days counted in the FC Barcelona, there are already several offers that arrive at his table, but the Brazilian is not convinced. The player, through his representative, has stated that he does not want to leave the culé club and remains firm in continuing until the 2023.

According to the carioca, the offers that have arrived in his mailbox do not satisfy him and he wants to keep trying something that is already lost in the Camp Nou. However, with these new proposals the midfielder could change his mind and start a new path from scratch. In total there are three, one of them comes from the A series and two of the Premier league.

Coutinho offers
The player will analyze the three new offers that have come to him one by one.

The two Premier League offers with Coutinho’s name come from Liverpool

The player’s past knocks on his door again, and this could be a new opportunity to start and relaunch his career. In the first place is his former team Liverpool, where he reached his highest level and where he has added the most seasons in the 6 clubs where he has been. Jurgen Klopp would be willing to recover the midfielder, if FC Barcelona makes things easier.

On the other hand, the other big Liverpool club would also be interested in adding to the Brazilian midfielder. We are talking about Everton, who after the departure of James Rodríguez, have not been able to find a hitch and a player who generates goal options. Rafa Benítez endorses the signing and the only thing left to do is trust the Toffes sports management.

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The last of this new batch of offers for Coutinho also comes from a former team

From Italy, Inter Milan report to test the waters and see if Coutinho’s operation is viable or not. His coach Simone Inzaghi found himself with a squad that only had one attacking midfielder, and to this day he is still incapacitated. We refer to the Danish Christian Eriksen who has not played since the middle of the year, precisely in the Eurocup.

The Nerazzurri club, like the two English, await the response of FC Barcelona, ​​but more so that of Coutinho, who is the one who puts the most obstacles in the negotiations. The midfielder will analyze one by one to see which is the one that offers him the best conditions, and the one that allows him to consolidate a long-term project.

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