The 3 most famous sustainable buildings in the world

Edificios sostenibles

Respecting the world we live in to reduce high temperatures is an aspect that has become, year after year, one of the main problems that society has to solve.

For this, they performed buildings based on sustainable investments and ecological. The following buildings are characterized by having a series of qualities such as the use of renewable energies, the use of energy efficiency or the use of natural materials.

Salesforce Tower (San Francisco)

San Francisco is located located in a seismic zone, and building this skyscraper in such a city was quite a challenge. As the city began to grow and with it the search for a space to have offices in the city, they were forced to innovate in terms of methods to carry out the project.

This tower is 326m high and is the centerpiece of a much larger restructuring. The building connects to the transition center and has an entrance to a park of about 2000m2 on its roof.

It has 1.3 million m2 and 61 floors in which there is a commercial workspace that seek the well-being of people who spend time on it. In addition, it has a very advanced natural ventilation system to a wastewater treatment plant.

The Crystal (London)

It is located a few kilometers from the city’s Olympic Park, and is a sustainable and innovative building. It’s actually one of the most sustainable buildings from all over the world.

The company responsible for financing the project was Siemens, and with the construction of the building, we sought to use half of what was used to use energy and produce less CO2.

Crystal is powered by solar panels on its roof, producing 20% ​​of its electricity consumption. In addition, they have some energy pillars at a depth of 150m that use temperatures both inside the building and underground, depending on what time of year they are.

Inside the building itself is an exhibition on urban sustainability trends around the world, as well as the challenges cities face today.

The Initiative of Change (Dubai)

It is located in Abu Dhabi, and is a 4,000 m2 shopping center that became the most innovative and sustainable in the world.

This title was achieved due to the 26 ecological strategies that were used. Among them are the use of solar panels, which provide almost half of the energy used by the building, the use of reflective paint or its water reuse system.

The building houses a store specializing in organic products that respect the environment.

Future sustainable building projects

Now, more and more companies must become sustainable buildings.

Another sector that wants to invest in sustainability and innovation is casinos. They started a long time ago when they decided to make the leap to the net. Nowadays, you can play a huge number of games on the net without having to go to a land-based casino. In addition, there are a large number of benefits, for example, a variety of casino reload bonuses that encourage players to participate. That way you can get extra cash on top of the classic welcome bonus. They are always available to existing players and have already played their welcome bonus. With them you can earn real money as they are always available.

one of them is the Netherlands Casino and its new branch in Venlo. This gaming giant wanted to create a casino in which it was possible to combine sustainability with technology and architecture in a unique way. The aim was to create a casino that was in harmony with nature and where its workers and visitors would feel comfortable.

Holland Casino wants to continue to lead by example with its new casino in Floralaan. This will become one of Venlo’s most iconic places, and its flower shape and striking lighting will make it very unique.

In addition, associations and companies will be formed in the building so that users and people who visit it can see their experience improved.

The casino roof generates solar energy and has a hybrid ventilation system, as well as heating. It also uses a cooling system that uses rainwater, which makes it the most sustainable casino on the entire European continent.


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