The 3 missions of Antoine Griezmann on his return to Atlético

We do not yet know how the athletic fans will take the arrival of Antoine Griezmann. Since the beginning of the pandemic, Atlético de Madrid He does not make presentations of his new signings, so we have not been able to know what they think of the return of the little prince to Wanda. Surely, it is not to everyone’s liking, but whatever it is, the Frenchman is back and in his new journey as rojiblanco he will have three very clear missions.

Earning the position of starting striker

In his previous stage, Antoine was a fixture for Cholo. He played where he liked, behind a 9 that set centrals, like Torres or Diego Costa, to act freely where he wanted. We will see what Simeone decides to do, but he cannot please everyone and Griezmann does not arrive to sit on the bench.

May the athletic tier forgive you

In his presentation, many expected him to apologize for how he left two years ago and the truth is that he did not. After that famous documentary where he decided to stay, a few months later he ended up leaving and nobody understood anything. His badge on the Wanda has always suffered from vandalism, getting littered with trash, spit, and even dead rats. It will be difficult for the fans to forgive him.

Sure that as soon as he starts scoring goals, people will cheer him on again, but the first games at Wanda will be difficult and it is very likely that he will receive some whistles. It can be a difficult situation to manage if the goals do not start to fall, with whistles and a bad atmosphere around.

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To be the one that was

Griezmann has lost prominence in European football in the last two seasons at Barça. His wife told him not to leave, because in Atleti he was the star and in the culé team he was going to be one more. He was not mistaken. At the Camp Nou, except for a couple of games, he never showed absolutely anything. He did not play in his position and, above all, he had to bear the pressure of having to contribute more to the team with Messi.

Even with France it has lost focus. Mbappé and Benzema took all the attention in the last European Championship, of total disaster for the French. His situation at Barça also hurt him in the national team. Now it’s a matter of regaining confidence and going back to being three or four years ago, the same one for which Barcelona paid 115 million without thinking twice.


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