The 3 largest free crypto Discord communities in the Netherlands

Discord has quickly become the most popular platform when it comes to discussion and knowledge sharing in the crypto world. Are you someone who can’t get enough of crypto and prefers to talk about it with like-minded people all day long? Then we now have a list of the three most popular Dutch crypto Discord communities at the moment.

Cryptomates | 9,247 members

You can contact the gentlemen and ladies of Cryptomates for the largest Dutch-speaking crypto community on Discord. A title that we as Crypto Insiders would like to take over from the Cryptomates in the long term, but unfortunately have to leave it to them at the moment.

You can contact our Cryptomates for ideas for short-term trades, specific reports about Helium, a project they are following in detail there, the latest news about NFTs and much more.

Crypto Insider | 8,260 members

Then it is now time for our own Crypto Insiders Discord, if you ask us the most complete crypto Discord in the Netherlands. In a short time we have managed to collect more than 8,260 members, many of whom are active on a daily basis. You can contact us for accessible chats in which we discuss the latest news and technical analysis, but also for the latest macroeconomic developments that seem to have an increasing influence on the price.

If you sometimes feel that you can’t see the wood for the trees, it is quite possible that we can help you with that in our Discord. So feel free to come by and especially ask questions if you don’t fully understand things. Our analysts are happy to help you.

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Cryptocamp | 2,753 members

Finally, we discuss the Cryptokamp community. This is a lot smaller than that of Cryptomates and Crypto Insiders, but that can actually provide a lot of fun. Are you looking for a somewhat quieter community, where topics such as mindset, sports, entrepreneurship and more pass by? Then you have come to the right place at Cryptokamp.

Basically, Cryptokamp’s Discord is free, but they also have a paid branch. This will give you access to a few exclusive channels and allow you to follow Cryptokamp’s portfolio. They also regularly organize Q&A sessions and other interesting events.

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