The Tottenham Hotspur is moving and preparing for the worst case scenario of the summer. Anthony Conte his continuity at the club is not assured because he will leave if they cannot meet his demands in the summer transfer market and given the possibility of becoming the coach of the new PSG project, which is waiting for the summer to make decisions.

The North London team, faced with this possible scenario, has three coaches in its sights for the summer to start the project from scratch and try to become one of the best teams in England, with the aim of winning important titles.

The 3 coaches that Tottenham follows to replace Conte

-Mauricio Pochettino: The most liked option due to his impressive work in the London team. Get to know the institution and the competition. It may be that he will be free if PSG make the decision to fire him in the summer. It is the best option for a project and to promote a template that you know perfectly.

-Roberto Mancini: The Italian has just won the European Championship and was left out of the Qatar World Cup in 2026, but his work in the national team has been sensational at the game level. The only problem is that they want him to remain in charge, but he will have to make a decision in the coming months if he wants to manage a club again.

-Graham Potter: The revelation coach of the Premier League in recent years. His work at Brighton is sensational, both for his results and for his ability to nurture young talent and promote an attacking style of play. He is ready to make the leap to a top club and start a project with the aim of winning titles.


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