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The 3 best applications to identify cars by license plate

From the smartphone, it is possible to identify a vehicle by registration using apps for Android and iOS mobile devices, and there are also online ways to identify cars by registration that we present here.

Whether it is to satisfy your curiosity when passing an unknown car and want to know the make of the car, or to know the characteristics of the vehicle’s registration number and even if you have insurance, these are the best ways to do it in Portugal.

1. What vehicle is it? For android

The application “which vehicle It is“It is available for free for Android and is authored by the Romanian study GliApps. This same company also developed” Matriculas Canceladas Portugal “, a simple application that serves the purpose well.

Unfortunately, the app in question is not available for iOS devices at the time of writing. Likewise, it is not available for all countries, despite the fact that Portugal is one of those covered, as are Spain and France, among others.

  1. Install the app which vehicle is it
  2. Select the desired country, for example Portugal
  3. Use the app to track enrollment
which vehicle is it
Application settings What car is it?

Then to use the app, just enter the license plate number to verify and hit the “What car is this?” Button, and the results are displayed almost immediately. Please note that the application requires an Internet connection to work.

License Plate Search lets you discover car models

The information is simply presented via a text card, as illustrated below. However, the application offers the possibility of consulting more information about the vehicle in question.

To identify cars by license plate with this application for Android mobile devices, we can manually enter the data, registering the license plate in the indicated field, using an image from the gallery, or capturing a photograph of it.

Functional aspects of the application that allow you to identify cars by license plate.

The results presented tell the user which car model is in question, as well as having access to more information about the engine, transmission, dimensions, performance and other characteristics of the registration number.

However, it should be noted that this application does not reveal any personal or sensitive information, and it is not possible to discover the owner of a vehicle through their registration number. It just lets you know more about the car model.

2. Do you have insurance? – for Android and iOS

Initial application setup Are you insured?

The application “Do you have insurance?“from the Insurance and Pension Funds Supervisory Authority (ASF) allows the user to know if a car is insured through the registration data. To do this, it is enough to have the application installed on the mobile device.

The license plate search can be done manually, by recording the data in the application, through an image in the gallery of the smartphone or by pointing the camera at the vehicle. The results are then presented clearly and simply.

  1. Iinstall the app Do you have insurance?
  2. Choose the method to register the record
  3. Use the application to find out if the vehicle is insured
Functional aspects of the application that allow you to identify cars by license plate.

Enrollment verification can be done through three methods. (1) Manually entering the license plate data, (2) through the smartphone camera, capturing a photo. (3) send an image from the mobile device gallery.

We find out if a car is insured by registering

The application informs the user about the existence and validity of the car insurance, as well as the policy number, the insurance company (company) and, finally, the start and end dates of the insurance. The data has a high reliability index.

Alternatively you can access the website of PPA, Insert the date and the registration data of the vehicle to consult, then find out if the car is insured and which is the associated insurance company.

3. Weird cars: for Android

Practical example of the application that allows to know characteristics by means of registration.

The application “Rare cars“, by the Portuguese programmer David Magalhães, is an indispensable tool for automotive enthusiasts. It is a collaborative platform with diverse information on different models.

By entering the license plate number, the user has access to various data of the vehicle in question, such as the model, year, version of the same and other photographs with the prior approval of the owner. The application also shows the number of units in Portugal.

The platform is primarily used by owners of classic cars or rare vehicles, as well as the general public. The former can provide information, pictures and details of their cars to other users.

In short, the app allows you to check vehicles by license plate, as well as check foreign license plates to find rare cars by license plate number. It is available in the Aptoide store. with free download through this link.

It is possible to identify the owner of the vehicle by the license plate number.

In Portugal, through Citizen portal, it is possible to obtain information through the Vehicle Registry. In this case it will be necessary to pay a € 5 fee to find the current owner, something useful, for example, to identify a stolen car.

We can also have access to the owner’s history and find out who owned the car, in which case the fee rises to € 7.

This portal is especially useful in cases of accident and escape, in which you must also report the case to the competent authorities, providing all the data. In this case, both the GNR and the PSP, in addition to being able to identify the vehicle by its license plate, will also be able to discover the owner and act according to the situation.

Another case where this can be helpful is in the used car buying process. In this case, we indicate the online platform Registry and Notary Institute in which it is also possible to find the owner of the vehicle through the registration number.

Finally, we can also do a search for canceled registrations. through the database of the IM T. Another possibility of identifying cars by online registration is the Portal Enrollments.pt, free to use.

3 tips for tracking license plates with your smartphone

1. Correctly affix the car license plate. With special care to perfectly align the license plate horizontally in the image, framing it in the area indicated on the smartphone screen for each application.

two. Do not capture the photo from the side or from above. Avoiding capturing images from one side or the other, not even from above, nor from below. Sharp angles or rotations will make license plates difficult to recognize, distorting their proportions.

3. catch one Focused image. By avoiding blurring by tapping on the smartphone screen to make sure the focal point resides in the car license plate, we will increase the chances of success when checking the license plate.

We recommend to any user the good faith in the use of this application to search by registry, in addition to respecting the property of others. We also warn you of the possibility that the information is incomplete or incorrect.

Now that you know how to identify a vehicle by its registration number, see how to pay SCUTs and tolls due, in the comfort of your home. Finally, if you need it, discover the best tools to calculate tolls, even before you leave home.

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