The 3 attackers to be followed by Valencia in the last days of the market

With the confirmed departure of Edinson Cavani, Valencia CF are at a crossroads to strengthen their attacking line for the new season. Given the need for a good striker, three names are emerging as options on the Che team’s radar: Rafa Mir, Lucas Boyé and Martin Braithwaite.

Valencia are trying to consolidate their attacking front and Rafa Mir is the main target. Talks are currently ongoing between the Valencia club and Sevilla with the possibility of a loan deal on the horizon. Despite his low participation in the first meetings of the season with the Sevilla team, Mir remains a priority for Valencia, who are looking for a mutually beneficial agreement.



The 3 attackers to be followed by Valencia in the last days of the market

The alternative aren’t far behind and names like Lucas Boyé and Martin Braithwaite have gained prominence in Valencia’s efforts to bolster their offense. The transfer market offers many opportunities, but the situation is not easy. Both Elche and Espanyol, Boyé and Braithwaite’s current clubs, have expressed interest in permanent transfers, complicating negotiations.

Valencia’s win against Sevilla (1-2) highlighted the need for attacking scale in the team. Javi Guerra’s goal made it clear that the Mediterranean side need a striker who can make a difference all season long.

Cavani’s departure, although expected, has left a void in the Valencia squad. With Hugo Duro in their ranks and the uncertainty surrounding Marcos André, who appears to be on his way to Real Valladolid, the search for offensive solutions is imminent.

With the transfer market closing approaching, Valencia are in a merry-go-round of negotiations. Rafa Mir remains the main target but time is of the essence and alternatives like Boyé and Braithwaite are at stake. The next few weeks will be crucial in determining who will lead the Valencia attack in black and white in this new phase.

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