The 2023 Asia Cup final between India and Pakistan could look like this

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IND vs PAK Asia Cup 2023: The 2023 Asian Cup has now reached a point where the fight to reach the final is intensifying. A total of six teams took part in this year’s Asian Cup, of which two teams, Nepal and Afghanistan, were eliminated in the first round. Now the race continues between four teams. So far all teams have played one or two games and the points table is getting more and more interesting. There have been two matches between India and Pakistan so far in this tournament. Of these, the first game could not be played due to rain, while the rain also disrupted the second game, but luckily the game was played on the reserve day and the result also came. Now everyone’s eyes are on the question of whether these two teams will face each other again, that is, whether they can compete against each other in the final. From what’s happened so far it seems so, but a lot will depend on the few more games to come.

The Asia Cup was first held in 1984

The Asia Cup was first organized in 1984. This was the same year, a year earlier, when the Indian team led by Kapil Dev had won the ODI World Cup for the first time. For the first time, the Asian Cup was only played between three teams. India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. The Indian team captured the title. So far, Asia Cup has been played 13 times in ODI format while this tournament has also been organized twice in T20 format. But fans never saw the final between India and Pakistan. It is also very interesting that both of them achieved this title not once but several times, but never through mutual victories. But this time, some equations are being put in place which, if carried forward, could lead to a major competition between India and Pakistan once again.

If these equations are put in place, there can be a final between India and Pakistan

Let’s take a look at the equations by which the Asia Cup final between India and Pakistan can take place. Team India won one game in the Super 4 and got two points. Pakistan, on the other hand, have played two matches and won one match, which means they also have two points. Now Team India has to face Sri Lanka. If the Indian team wins this match, the ticket to the final is almost confirmed. After that, Pakistan will have to face Sri Lanka in their next game. If the Pakistan team wins here, they will also get four points and their ticket is also almost confirmed. While the Indian team will face Bangladesh in their final Super 4 game, this game will not hold much significance. Because if the India team wins, they will have six points and even if the Bangladesh team wins, they will have a maximum of four points. This way, India can get four to six points. Pakistan can have four points. Sri Lanka and Bangladesh will only have one point left each. This way, one can watch exciting matches between India and Pakistan in the same tournament.

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