The 2022 Spanish Cup is still looking for six participating teams

Both Barça and Viña Albali Valdepeñas already classified mathematically and established the headquarters, the Olivo Arena de Jaén, and the dates, from March 31 to April 3, 2022, the thirty-third edition of the exciting Spanish Cup is still looking for six teams to complete the tournament draw, pending the last three days of the first round, with eleven teams still with options to achieve the pass and with Movistar Inter, the current champion, still in doubt, although he maintains his dependence on himself.

Six places among eleven sets. The sprint is launched for the thirteenth (from December 28 to 30 next), the fourteenth (January 5) and the fifteenth appointment (it is scheduled for February 12, once the stoppage of the competition for Euro 2022 of Netherlands); a margin still of a month and a half, but only three games for each (four in the case of Pescados Ruben Burela, Osasuna Magna, Industrias Santa Coloma and Real Betis, with a postponed duel) to define who will compete in the Spanish Cup.

Two seats are already reserved. One is from Barça, the undisputed leader of the League classification, up on an unstoppable streak of seventeen games undefeated among all competitions -he has not lost since visiting Palma on the first day of the League-, and with the move to the Cup that cost him so much last year, secured in advance. Like Viña Albali Valdepeñas, second in the table, three points behind the Catalans. Neither one nor the other, in the absence of nine points in dispute, can fall from the tournament to be played in Jaén.

Cartagena, Jaén and El Pozo, in advantage

The Jimbee Cartagena has it ready. For the third in the standings, winner of seven of the last eight rounds, except the most recent with the 2-3 loss to ElPozo Murcia, one more victory in three games is enough for him not to depend on anyone but himself. The next day he visits Jaén Paraíso Interior, fourth, one point behind and in practically the same situation as him. The winner will be assured of the Cup.

Along with them, ElPozo Murcia completes the group of three teams that have the classification more or less on track, with him with a bit more demand than the other two to push himself into the tournament: four points apparently will be enough, as long as many of his pursuers win everything. It could be worth even less punctuation. Until halfway through the League, he receives Palma and Santa Coloma and visits Burela.

There is a gap of five points from ElPozo, fifth, to Palma, sixth and his next rival this Tuesday at the Palacio de los Deportes in Murcia. Apart from the Balearic block, with 18 points and that maintains the pulse against its irregularity this year (5 victories, 3 draws and 4 defeats, when last season it was almost immovable from the podium), within a margin of three points up to five more teams compete: Aspil Jumpers Ribera Navarra (seventh, with 18 points); the Levante (eighth, with 17); Movistar Inter (ninth, with 16); Osasuna Magna (tenth, with 16 and one game less); and the Córdoba World Heritage Site (eleventh, with 15).

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Except for surprise, the last three places in the Spanish Cup (assuming that Jimbee Cartagena, Jaén Paraíso Interior and ElPozo Murcia comply with the logic of qualifying due to the advantage they have now) will be among those six teams …

Or more, Depending on the reaction that both Industrias Santa Coloma (twelfth with eleven points) and Real Betis (thirteenth with nine points) are capable of making, both with a postponed match pending between them., but above all of what its predecessors fail. Neither Manzanares Quesos El Hidalgo nor Futbol Emotion Zaragoza nor Pescados Ruben Burela have any mathematically options, the last three, in that order, of the table.

The unknown of Inter

That means that Movistar Inter, the team that has won the most Spanish Cups, the champion of the last edition played in Madrid, has a long way to go to advance to reach the classification. It is in doubt, because they have only won two of their last nine league games, although they are concentrated in the four most recent games.

Although today he is ninth, out of the top eight, and there are nine teams that can add more than him at the end of the first round, the fact of facing two of them (Levante, on January 5, and Osasuna Magna, in mid-February) give him the privileged factor of relying only on himself: If he wins the nine points he has left to play, he will be in the Spanish Cup in Jaén.

Like Jimbee Cartagena, Jaén Paraíso Interior, El Pozo Murcia, Palma Futsal, Aspil Jumpers Ribera Navarra, Levante, Osasuna Magna -in the case of the Navarrese team there are four victories, since they have a postponed match- and perhaps Córdoba, due to the number of direct duels that still await in the last three days of the first round of the regular phase, which will determine who will compete at the Olivo Arena.

Three days and a lot of direct duels

Already in the thirteenth day, to be played between next Tuesday and Thursday, six of the eight clashes will have a direct influence on the race to play the Spanish Cup: ElPozo Murcia-Palma Futsal, on Tuesday; Osasuna Magna-Industrias Santa Coloma, Córdoba-Levante, Barça-Ribera Navarra, Inter-Betis and Jaén-Cartagena, on Wednesday.

In the fourteenth, more of the same, also depending on the markers of the preceding quote: Inter-Levante, Ribera Navarra-Córdoba, Cartagena-Futbol Emotion Zaragoza, Palma-Jaén, Burela-ElPozo, Santa Coloma-Manzanares and Betis-Osasuna Magna. Only one of them will not have influence for the Spanish Cup: Valdepeñas-Barça, both already classified for the competition from March 31 to April 3.

The fifteenth, already in February, after Euro 2022, is also assumed to be final, at least for the last two or three places that are supposed to still have to be decided in the Spanish Cup: Levante-Ribera Navarra, Córdoba-Valdepeñas, Barça-Cartagena, Futbol Emotion Zaragoza-Palma, Jaén-Burela, ElPozo-Santa Coloma, Manzanares-Betis and Osasuna Magna-Inter.

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