The 2 signings that are urgent for Real Betis

The 2 signings that are urgent for Real Betis

The Real Betis does not finish starting in 2023. Those of pellegrini They have been defeated this afternoon against RCD Espanyol in Barcelona, ​​after an image that leaves much to be desired. The Chilean coach continues to demand signings, despite the recent incorporation of Abner Vinicius. There is no ‘plan B’ for the rotations and the Verdiblanco bench is insufficient to get a place in Champions League positions, which is the goal set by the Betic board.

Line by line, Betis would need one more player, although with the current budget, it would be unfeasible for the Verdiblanco team to sign more than two players. In the first place, there is an urgent need to sell, since without departures there are no arrivals. Loren Morón and Diego Lainez are the main candidates with the ‘for sale’ sign. The striker would go to Tenerife, while the Mexican is talking about a possible trip to South America. In addition, Betis should release the salary mass with the departures of those who end their contract: Joaquín, Bravo, Guardado…

The two signings that Real Betis needs


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