Home Sports The 2 free signings that Espanyol want to make

The 2 free signings that Espanyol want to make

The 2 free signings that Espanyol want to make

RCD Espanyol, whose aim is to consolidate a competitive side for their return to La Liga, doesn’t consider its squad closed and has turned its attention to two players who are currently free agents. With the clear objective of promoting and strengthening the project led by Luis García, the Parakeet Club intends to strengthen two key areas: defense and midfield.

The name Víctor Ruiz sounds particularly strong in the defensive area. The veteran defender, 34, recently left Real Betis and is now looking for a new target. What makes this potential signing even more appealing is the fact that Ruiz already has experience within Espanyol’s ranks in the past, which could help him settle into the squad.

The 2 free signings that Espanyol want to make

In midfield, however, Espanyol has Álvaro Aguado on the screen. The 27-year-old midfielder is currently without a team and could bring quality and versatility to Luis García’s plan. Aguado is open to the possibility of joining the Espanyol project in their quest for La Liga promotion.

These two free signings represent an opportunity for Espanyol to further strengthen their squad. Despite interesting players, the arrival of Víctor Ruiz and Álvaro Aguado could add quality and depth to the team, which is vital in the challenge of returning to the top flight of Spanish football.

The expectations of these possible inclusions are high in the parakeet environment. Fans are looking forward to seeing how these deals go through and how these talented footballers will contribute to Espanyol’s success in the upcoming season. With one eye on defense and one on midfield, Espanyol are determined to assemble a solid and competitive squad to achieve their goal of promotion to La Liga.

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