Given the lack of opportunities and the long-term sentence set by his coach, the Nasrid offer begins to win integers

The great market opportunity that opens up for Granada CF recently leaked in certain discards of the Betis of the engineer Pellegrini. And it is that beyond its spectacular moment, not only in the League but in the Europa League, there are two elements that have the cross marked on their back. Is about Diego lainez and of Cristian Tello, two extremes of different profiles but a very similar way of acting in the field.

Not only are they not common in the coach’s schemes, but apparently he has already notified them that it is best for them to find alternatives for this second semester. Your activities in the main eleven will be even more reduced and the possibility that this varies is really nil. So Robert Moreno has recently said to agree and has requested their assignments.

Betis Lainez
The Mexican attacker will have to regain his rhythm of play between now and January, or it will be another dismissal.

Infallible trend needs justified actions; This is how he believes he has options in Granada in Betis discards from this winter

This pair of players has been eaten whole toast. Not because they don’t have enough capacity, but because there is a much higher level of them going forward. When they have had the opportunity to play they have not transferred that confidence in numbers and with the expectations this course is unsustainable for the coaching staff to offer more.

Everything indicates that on Thursday they will be part of the clash of their own against Ferencvaros, since they are practically installed in the playoff round where the second most relevant club trophy on the continent is defined. They await your answers on the field but not as an argument for salvation, but as a variant in the team. They need to oxygenate and that seems to be the ideal match.

Robert Moreno awaits you with open arms

For the former national coach, these are two players with a similar profile, but unusual that he has in his ranks. They easily break down the wing, they have skills in one-on-one, and apart from all they have tactical discipline to defend the width of the field. Two pearls that can be combined with the power of Colombian Luis Suárez, who has been the only redeemable of the season.

This closing of the year is expected to be the turning point for the dialogues to be established. The two entities share many points and it is not ruled out that they reach an agreement. It suits everyone and for now it is believed that this is going to be the way to go.


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