One more month in January, Hispanics are back. This year, being even, it is a continental appointment (in odd numbers it is World). Spain is the current defender of the title … twice, after the conquests of 2018 and 2020. For this appointment of 2022, To be held in Hungary and Slovakia, the National Team presents many new faces in a marked change of cycle without Entrerríos, Morros, Sarmiento, Aginagalde … nor the Dujshebaevs, Álex and Dani, in this case due to both physical problems. There are seven players from Asobal: four from Barça, two from Granollers, one from Bidasoa and one from Logroño. In this case, there will be up to five players who will debut in a major tournament with the Hispanics. In total, 19 players, of which 16 sign up for each match. A maximum of 20 could be carried.

Squad of Hispanics in the European:


Gonzalo Pérez de Vargas: The Toledo has six metals with the Hispanics, being a fixture in the national goal for more than five years. The Barcelona player turned 31 this month and, together with Rodrigo Corrales, forms one of the safest goals on the continent.

Rodrigo Corrales: The Galician, who turns 31 this January, is the goal of Veszrprem, one of the great teams on the continent. It complements perfectly in the Spanish goal with Pérez de Vargas. He has four medals with the National Team.

Sergey Hernández: The Navarrese goalkeeper of Russian origin is a regular in the preparation of the last European and World Championships, so he knows quite well how the group works in situations like this and was in the last World Cup in Egypt, in which Spain won the bronze. At 26, he plays for Benfica.


Agustín Casado: The 25-year-old center-back makes his debut in a great tournament. Versatile player who plays for Logroño … although until this summer, because later he will join the ranks of the Belarusian Meshkov Brest. So far he has developed his entire career at Asobal, with a past in Huesca and Nava.

Ian Tarrafeta: The two center-backs, who will be in charge of occupying the position left by Raúl Entrerríos, will be rookies on a great date. Tarrafeta plays in the French League in the ranks of PAUC and arrives at the tournament when he was just 23 years old. In Asobal he played for Granollers.

Right side:

Jorge Maqueda: The 33-year-old from Toledo is a fundamental pillar for Jordi Ribera. After a long stay with Hispanics, with metals from 2011 to 2016, he stopped appearing on the charts, although he came back to stay. Playing since 2012 outside of Spain, he plays for the Hungarian Veszprem and next summer he will head to French lands, in Nantes.

Eduardo Gurbindo: The 34-year-old full-back had a turbulent summer in which he left Vardar for Xavi Pascual’s Dinamo Bucharest after the last Tokyo Games, in which he was present. He aims to fill the big hole left by Alex Dujshebaev due to his physical problems.

Left side

Antonio Garcia: It is never too late, and is that at 37 years old, Antonio García is in a great moment of form, which meant that he returned to the list of Spain and shine in the Olympic Games, being one of the most outstanding. Veterancy is a degree, and that of Granollers, who was already world champion in 2013, is insurance.

Chema Marquez: “Every player works hard to one day get to enjoy something like this, it is a pride to enter a team with so much history, medals and incredible players,” says one of the great assets of Asobal beyond Barcelona. His high scoring ability and his forcefulness, keys. It will be his debut on a big date at 26 years old.

Joan Cañellas: One of the Hispanics par excellence. At 35, and since his debut in 2008, he has always appeared in the big events except at the Tokyo Games, “a thorn that will remain nailed forever,” he recently told AS. Now he is a member of the Swiss Kadetten, and from there he will only move to Spain: to play in Asobal or retire. It is sane.


Ferran Solé: The 29-year-old Catalan, who plays in the ranks of PSG, is a right winger very much to the taste of the coach. Much of the chances of the wingers depend on the wingers, and in that Ferrán knows how to nurture very well. It is common to see him be part of the ideal teams at the end of the big tournaments.

Aleix gomez: The 24-year-old winger is already a veteran, one of the great pieces of Barcelona and the National Team. A sure goal from his position as shown in his club and a different player, fast and vertical, in a group that lives transition between the oldest and the young. Great percentage of success of the seven meters.

Kauldi Odriozola: “This group makes everything easier, here are some of my idols and they have received us very well,” says the Bidasoa man, who is another of those who made his debut with Spain in a great championship with 25 years of age this January. This summer he will go to French Nantes.


Angel Fernandez: The Cantabrian, also 33 years old, came to the Hispanics in 2015 and was definitively consolidated in the 2018 European Championship. After a long stay in Poland, this summer he changed Kielce for Barcelona, ​​and continues with his great performances in the end of the Palau.

Aitor Ariño: The 29-year-old Barcelona winger, who was born in Reinio Unido, has four metals with the Hispanics, but what medals: the 2013 World Cup and the 2018 and 2020 Europeans and bronze in the 2021 World Cup. A serious injury It deprived him of being in Tokyo, but he recovered at the beginning of this campaign and is a fixture in this group.

Defensive specialist

Miguel Sánchez-Migallón: He made his debut with Spain in 2016, and has a bronze in his record at the Tokyo Games, but this appointment is very important for the one from Ciudad Real who, at 26, aspires to be an important piece in his demarcation. A very useful player for Talant Dujshebaev in the Polish Kielce after a long stay in Logroño.


Adriá Figueras: The pivot of reference in Hispanics. At 33 years old, and after sharing numerous tournaments in the demarcation with Aginagalde, the Catalan is one of the great values ​​of this selection. This summer he changed clubs, but not countries: Nantes for Chartres. His performance at the Tokyo Games was close to excellence.

Gideon Guardiola: The 37-year-old from Alicante is another fixture in Hispanics. He acts as a pivot in the ranks of the German TBV Lengo and, with forgotten injuries, aims to be an important player in the coach’s schemes. He is one of the few that still follows from the previous generation that gave so much joy to Spanish handball.

Iñaki Pecina: Another of the debutants in a great tournament with Spain but, unlike the rest, Pecina does it already being a 33-year-old veteran. Since 2017 he has been based in France, in the Pays D’aix, and this summer he will go to the Chambery. Together with Guardiola, he can share a defensive position in the Spanish 6-0. More variety for the Spanish scheme.


Jordi Ribera: a native of Sarriá de Ter (Gerona), he will always have the honor of being the first Spanish coach to win a European Championship … and the second. Now, aim for a third. In 2021 he achieved two bronzes, at the World Cup and at the Games. Now he faces the appointment with the classic goal of the semifinals that every coach wants to reach. Once in the penultimate round, anything is possible.


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