The 15-N is the date chosen to go to Cuba

The unconventional war that the United States is waging against Cuba has a new date marked on the calendar. It is next November 15th. Those who intend to put a tombstone for socialism on the island will mobilize again. They did it inside on July 11 but the protest quickly faded. Outside – with its epicenter in Miami – almost fifty events are planned in some 23 countries. They barely represent 12 percent of the 195 states that make up the United Nations. Not so so, not so very. Most of these meetings were convened in cities of the United States and Spain with a historical peculiarity: they are the invading power of 1898 that took over Guantánamo and financed the mercenary operation in Playa Girón, and the dismantled empire that colonized their lands for four centuries. This change of course that Washington digits is usually called in the language of diplomacy: interference.

In this intensifying offensive, the White House provides the doctrine of agitation and the indispensable resources. Training circular TC-18-01 is key to understanding this type of operation. It was drafted in November 2010 at the base of Fort Bragg, North Carolina. A barracks that owes its name to a military slave owner and decorated for his role in the war that annexed more than half of Mexican territory in the 19th century. There the John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center works, which devised the manual of the good destabilizer for governments that do not discipline the White House. The one in Havana is the first on the list.

Under the slogan “Homeland and life, Viva Cuba libre” counterrevolutionary groups once again bet everything on a date. They are emboldened by the persistence and intensification of the blockade and the continuity of the same policy. It did not vary from Donald Trump to Joe Biden who maintained 243 hostile measures from the former president. Among the most widespread that harm the Cuban people – especially due to the pandemic context – are: the limitation of remittances to $ 1,000 per quarter, the insurmountable obstacles to import vital medical supplies in the fight against Covid-19 and the decision to allow lawsuits against the island in the US courts under Title III of the Helms-Burton Act. This form of interference was suspended for 23 years.

The government of Miguel Díaz Canel replied to the attacks and pointed out that the synchronization of the marches inside and outside of Cuba seeks to promote a change in its political system. November 15 coincides with Havana’s decision to open its borders to tourism “in a staggered and orderly manner.” Also with the opening of schools on the island. The election of that day for the opposition pushed by the US is not random. The country’s ten airports are now ready to operate. From that date on, the frequency of flights and the number of travelers arriving at your hotels will increase.

One of the voices that denounced from the island the organization of the protests with the financial support of Washington, is that of Rogelio Polanco Fuentes. A member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party, gave details in an extensive interview for Cuban TV: “Between September 20 and 27, a small group of citizens delivered to the headquarters of the municipal or provincial governments of eight provinces of the country, texts similar where they announced the decision to hold a supposedly peaceful march. The action was conceived with a national scope in evident coordination on the part of its promoters ”.

He recalled that on October 12, the authorities of the municipalities where these notes were received responded to the request. “On that occasion, the precise arguments were offered on the illegal nature of the march in correspondence with articles 56, 45 and 4 of the Constitution.”

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For the Cuban government the call is illegal. Polanco completed: “Faced with the challenge of the promoters of the provocation, in their attempt to ignore the refusal of the authorities, on October 21 the Office of the Attorney General of the Republic at its headquarters in several provinces began a process of warning against these citizens; stating that if they did not comply with the decision they would incur the crimes of disobedience, illegal demonstrations, instigation to commit a crime and others, provided for and sanctioned in the current criminal legislation ”.

An hour and a little more from Havana, Miami Cubans will meet on 15-N where they always do: at the Versalles restaurant. It has been the meeting point to celebrate the death of Commander Fidel Castro – November 25 will be five years old – or wait for the outcome of the long judicial battle that was launched against the government of Havana to retain the young Elián González in the United States. Disappointed, they saw how he returned to Cuba on June 28, 2000 and received his degree as an industrial engineer in his land. “I will never leave Cuba, I am proud to be the son of Cárdenas,” he said at a ceremony in his hometown in 2020.

Several presidents of the United States went to seek the anti-Castro vote in this popular gastronomic stronghold. From Barack Obama to Trump himself, who plays hometown in Miami. Those who gather in that Cuban food restaurant inaugurated in 1971 are identifiable by their bitter anti-communism and the racism that several of them profess against the Black Lives Matter movement. Quoted by the journalist Christina Morales of the newspaper The New York TimesOn July 28 of this year, University of Texas adjunct professor and political scientist Danielle Clealand commented: “Historically, black Cubans have been invisible in Miami. As for the Cuban protests, it is still considered by many as an anti-black space ”.

In the city of the sun, the Cold War raises temperature as it did in the 1960s. The word communism is today a very strong signifier on the lips of this ultra-conservative troop. The enemies of the Revolution hope to see in Havana images similar to the Guarimbas of Venezuela, according to Polanco Fuentes. Former diplomat in Caracas, he recalled that there is a report entitled “The truth of Venezuela against infamy: data and testimonies of a country under siege”, published in September 2020 that has elements that are related to the actions that are intended to be carried out in our country”.

There is a fact that is now clearly perceived unlike the events of July 11. The Cuban government will not be surprised this time. The member of the Cuban CP secretariat commented: “The United States government is the true organizer and promoter of the provocation mounted for November, the facts and statements prove it. They have not taken care to hide it. Senior government officials participate directly in its conduct ”.

Through CIA tax organizations such as the NED and USAID, agitations of all kinds are promoted in Cuba, although so far with no political consequences. The mobilization encouraged from the United States seeks to make the island ungovernable. If there’s one thing your powerful neighbor has, it’s a lot of money. Millions of dollars distributed among various organizations that are no longer used for bloody coups or gunboat politics. Unconventional warfare has its style manual. It is the book of the American philosopher and political scientist who died in 2018, Gene Sharp: “From dictatorship to democracy.” His detractors argue that he looks a lot like the old CIA libels.

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