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The 10 worst earthquakes in history

The 10 worst earthquakes in history

Early in the morning of September 9th, a strong magnitude 7 earthquake struck Morocco. The earthquake caused the death of at least 1,305 people and 1,832 injured, 1,220 of them seriously, according to the latest data published this Saturday by the Moroccan Interior Ministry.

Furthermore, this is expected in the next few hours the number of deaths and injuries continues to rise, as they rescue people trapped in the rubble. However, it is not one of the most severe earthquakes in history.

What are the 10 largest earthquakes in history?

At the top of the list of the largest earthquakes in history are places like Japan, Indonesia, Alaska or Chile, among others.

Chile, in 1960

The earthquake that occurred in Valdivia in southern Chile in 1960 is groundbreaking. The earthquake was 9.5 degrees and just a day later, a tsunami reached Concepción and Chiloé.

Indonesia, in 2004

In 2004, Indonesia experienced the second worst earthquake in history. 9.3 degrees on the Richter scale. 275,000 people lost their lives.

Alaska, in 1964

The third most severe earthquake occurred in Alaska in 1964 9.2 degrees and caused 190 deaths.

Japan, in 2011

In March 2011, several earthquakes occurred off the Japanese coast 9.1 degree scale. More than 15,000 people died and a tsunami struck that devastated coastal towns.

Russia, in 1952

In fifth place is the earthquake of 9 degrees on November 4, 1952 in Kamchatka, Russia. 2,300 people died and there was also a tsunami that reached Alaska and Hawaii.

Lima, in 1746

In 1746, one of the strongest earthquakes in history occurred in Lima, measuring 9 degrees. Mmore than 10,000 people They lost their lives.

Chile, in 1868

Chile appears several times in this ranking, having experienced another 9 degrees on August 13, 1868 City of Arica. More than 1,000 people died.

California, 1700

Another earthquake measuring 9 on the Richter scale shook the city San Andreas Fault, California, 1700.

Chile, in 2010

On November 27, 2010, Chile was again hit by one of the most powerful earthquakes in history, this time with a magnitude of 8.8 degrees.

Ecuador and Colombia, in 1906

Finally an earthquake 8.8 degrees It shook the coasts of Ecuador and triggered aftershocks in Colombia in 1906. It claimed more than 1,500 lives.

Deadliest earthquakes in history

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