In 2022 these are the most used social networks in Portugal. The leadership is from Facebook, but it is Instagram that has grown the most. We have some surprises like the popularity of Twitter among young people, or even Twitch.

Social networks are virtual sites where people and companies can interact, establishing contact through messages, images, videos and other formats. They are meeting points to build, or expand, personal and/or professional relationships.


Synonymous with social network, Facebook continues to grow in 2022

With more than 2.375 million monthly active users worldwide, it conquers the world podium and in Portugal. In our country, 90% of the approximately 8 million Internet users use Facebook, which translates into 7.2 million of active accounts.

This network continues to grow, not only in Portugal but throughout the world and aims to aggregate information, bring people closer together, as well as create spaces and groups for interaction. There is also a strong commercial and business side to Facebook.

2. Youtube

Google’s video platform, increasingly with a social component, has more than 2 billion global users and, in Portugal, is frequented by nearly 90% Internet users, therefore, with 7.2 million active accounts.

In this social network we find video content, with status updates, in image and text, from those responsible for the channels. It has a duality of approaches, from the most professional, to the closest, or amateur.


It has more than 2 billion monthly active users worldwide and its classification as a social network comes from the “Status” of WhatsApp. In Portugal it is used by 61% of active Internet users, therefore, close to 4.9 million.

It belongs to the field of Facebook, being an incipient communications and instant messaging platform. Free to use, it is one of the best services in its area, having more recently acquired a strong social dimension.


From food photos to digital influencers on Instagram

It has already surpassed 1 billion monthly active users globally. Instagram is also growing in Portugal, with 61% of Internet users in our country to have an active account on this social network, that is, 4.9 million.

It belongs to the field of Facebook and focuses on sharing images, videos and more recently it has also opted for live broadcasts. However, it is the “Stories” inherited from Snapchat that have attracted the most audience to Instagram.

5. LinkedIn

It has around 310 million monthly active users worldwide and in Portugal it is used by around 35% of Internet users. According to estimates, we have around 2.9 million users in our country.

This platform is mainly used to build a network of professional relationships. Each user’s CV can be used as an “identity card”, encouraging interaction between potential employers and employees.

6. Pinterest

It has around 265 million active users worldwide and a penetration of 32% among Internet users in Portugal, something that gives us around 2.7 million active accounts in our country.

Pinterest is a social network for sharing photos, particularly used through the mobile application. It resembles an online inspiration board where posts are grouped by various topics.

7. Twitter

News and current affairs in 240 characters on Twitter

With around 330 million active users worldwide, Twitter has a penetration of 31% among Internet users in Portugal, which translates into about 2.5 million active accounts in our country.

Twitter is particularly popular with the younger population under the age of 24. Their posts are limited to 240 characters, but they also include images. It is quick to be aware of what is happening around us.

8. Snapchat

It has around 294 million active users worldwide and is far from its glory days. Still, Snapchat comes close to 22% Internet users in Portugal, therefore, with 1.7 million active accounts.

Famous for its augmented reality filters and Stories with photos, audio and/or video with a duration limited to 24 hours, Snapchat served as inspiration for Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp, each with their own Stories.


The number of active users is difficult to determine, but it currently has more than 471.6 million blogs and about 376 million global visitors. In Portugal it reaches sixteen% of Internet users, therefore 1.28 million people.

The platform can be described as a micro-blog, once with a very active community. However, since the company decided in December 2018 to ban pornographic posts, the number of visitors has dropped considerably.

10. Nerve twitch

THE live broadcast of games is the great attraction of Twitch

With around 3.8 million active users on the platform, this figure refers to the streamers or content producers spread all over the world. In Portugal, Twitch reaches 14% of Internet users, therefore, to 1.12 million users.

It is the ideal setting for those who like to see games and contests of electronic sports, promoting the interaction between the serpentine and your audience. It is one of the fastest growing platforms, especially with the community. player.

The 10 most used social networks in the world

Position Social network users
1st Facebook 2.375 million
2nd Youtube 2 billion
3rd WhatsApp 1.6 billion
4th Instagram 1 billion
5th tik tok 500 million
6th Sina Weibo 465 million
7th Reddit 330 million
8 twitter 300 million
9 LinkedIn 310 million
10 pinterest 265 million

The global panorama is similar to the national one, but we have surprises like Tik Tok. It is a recent phenomenon with the mobile app where users share music videos. We also have Sina Weibo, the Chinese social network.

It is also worth noting that applications such as Facebook Messenger, WeChat, QQ and other strictly communication platforms have been deprecated because they are not social networks. per se.

The writing of this article was assisted by data from sources such as statistical, the latest report from the hoot-suite + we are socialas well as indicators of market test. Also take the opportunity to meet the biggest Portuguese youtubers!


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