The 10 Highest Paid NBA Players Who Were Not All-Stars

The NBA is a league with exorbitant salaries and thanks to Hoops Hype, we were able to see the list of highest paid players who have never played in the All-Star Game

Becoming an All-Star is one of the big dreams of every player who manages to reach the North American League. This is not that easy, as only 24 players are selected per season, plus replacement players due to injuries. In general these apply The players are among the highest paid in the league, But it’s not always like that. That’s why we made it thanks to Hoops Hype the list of the 10 highest paid players who have never been an NBA All-Star.

This list is made up of great players. Players who have managed to be very important in a certain role without becoming one of the league’s absolute elite. However, for various reasons, they were never able to take the step to the next level. Still, they were important players who managed to secure important contracts over the course of their career.

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Ibaka, the only Spaniard in this top

The 10 highest-paid players who were never selected to the All-Star

In tenth place in the ranking is Thaddeus Young, who managed to earn $140 million during his playing career. Ninth place goes to the Spaniards Serge Ibaka, who amassed total earnings of $140 million thanks to his conditions as a defender and his subsequent development into a three-point center.

Eighth place goes to another center this time Steven Adams, who pocketed 146 million and wants to continue climbing the rankings. In a similar situation is Harrison Barnes, a great addition to the team who already has $166 million in his account. Something similar happened with Rudy Gay, whose total is $178 million.

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The top 5 players without games in the All-Star Game

In the top 5 we have great players who, for various reasons, didn’t take the step. Eric Gordon stands out in fifth place with 178 million. Fourth place goes to CJ McCollum, who is the player who has come closest to the game with 181 million. And third place goes to Nicolas Batum, who for years had one of the worst salaries in the NBA, which was key to earning $187 million in his career.

Finally, The two highest paid who were never NBA All-Stars were Danilo Gallinari and Tobias Harris. The Italian is in second place with $197 million, a bit far from the $211 million earned by the Philadelphia 76ers player. A sum that will continue to rise as he becomes a free agent this summer and wants to sign another lucrative contract.

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