The 10 heroes of ‘Alcoyanazo’

Christmas had already passed through Alcoy. Also its traditional Three Wise Men. January was almost hitting its last blows with the triggered pandemic. Not a soul in El Collao to see Real Madrid and the city closed perimeter, with a strict curfew. It smelled of a white win amid so much depression. Very few believed in the miracle. In fact, the feat was only enjoyed live by a few privileged people from the balconies attached to the stadium. January 20, 2021. That date will never be forgotten by a people who raised their well-known slogan on morality to the umpteenth power.

Vicente Parras led from the bench an epic reaction in which Alcoyano, 70 years later, again brought down Real Madrid. The Alicante team recovered from all the setbacks that appeared along the way. He traced Militao’s goal and with two claws and one less man sent Madrid to the canvas in the extension.

The feat left many proper names, from goalkeeper José Juan to scorer Juanan. Alcoyano did not end with just any Madrid. The morale team unleashed a crisis in Zidane’s project, who ended up playing the match with Kroos, Hazard, Benzema, Asensio … The white effort was sterile.

Almost a year later, in Alcoy everyone dreams of repeating the feat. Above, El Collao will be filled to the brim to carry the heroes of ‘Alcoyanazo’ flying. Ten survivors resist the feat of 2021, plus their coach Vicente Parras. The club has opted for continuity after sneaking into Primera RFEF. Parras has returned the illusion to Alcoy with his football of dedication and struggle. “This game has nothing to do with last year, but we have made people trust us more and believe that the bell can be repeated, “says Parras.

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Apart from the coach, there are ten players who remain in the blue and white dressing room. The eternal José Juan (42 years old) and Juli (40) give stripes to a group of survivors in which the striker Juanan also endures.

Captains Raúl González and Carbonell, who landed in Alcoy to rescue him from the mud when he was in Third, they put the sentimental note to the feat. Primi, Revert, Mourad, Antón and Jona complete the list of heroes, the legendary roster of players that nobody will forget in Alcoy even as the years go by.

Real Madrid Shield / Flag

Alcoyano, after their great victory, has created a special atmosphere in the village. Everyone believes that it is possible to do it again. Above, in the Alcoyano dressing room there are ten guys who have that January 20 present almost every day. They made it.

“Why can’t we eliminate them again? This is football,” José Juan assures AS. Juli also sees it feasible, although Madrid arrives touched by Getafe and warned by the embarrassment of ‘Alcoyanazo’. “Those of last year we are still in a cloud and we have made the new ones see that this is the host. We have told them that Madrid can be beaten and that we are going to have our options. One of the keys must be to arrive alive until the end. I insist, it is a special day for everyone. The Three Wise Men have brought us this piece of gift and we have to take advantage of it “, argues Juli, captain and a hero of the feat.

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