Young people are worried about their future. According to the 2021 Epoka / Harris Interactive / L’Étudiant * barometer, unveiled this Thursday, October 14, their ability to find an internship or work-study program, or even a job at the end of their studies, is a concern for 70% of students of business or engineering schools. However, the situation has improved compared to last year: 75% of students and young graduates of engineering schools think that it will be easy for them to find a job this year, against 56% in 2020. In business and management schools, they are 52% to think so, against 38% a year ago. University students are the least optimistic: only 43% of them believe that they will be able to find a job easily (+4 points over a year, all the same).

Despite their fears, these young people have a very specific idea of ​​the sectors in which they would like to work. In engineering schools, it is the fields of engineering (47%) and energy (28%) that attract students the most. Next come technologies (27%), consulting (21%) and construction (16%). As for business and management schools, the luxury (30%), consulting (24%), e-commerce (17%), banking (16%) and technology (16%) sectors obtain student favors. Finally, in universities, the field of health comes first (28%), followed by luxury (21%), media (19%), institutions (18%) and engineering (17% ).

We find this trend in the top 10 favorite companies of students and recent graduates of engineering schools, business schools and universities. As for business and management schools, Danone takes first place on the podium, ahead of French luxury giant LVMH. First in the ranking last year, L’Oréal is in third position in 2021. In the top 10, we also find American giants, such as Google and Apple.

Students and young graduates from engineering schools prefer Thales, a large French electronics group. Airbus (at the top of the podium in 2020) occupies second place this year, just ahead of the CNRS. The Dassault group is also very popular, with Dassault Systèmes and Dassault Aviation which are respectively in sixth and eighth position in the ranking.

At university, the American giants are having great success: Google and Apple are in first and third position of the top 10 companies preferred by students and young graduates of French universities. Between the two, we find Decathlon.


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