The Borussia Dortmund It has become one of the selling teams par excellence of the European football elite. And in a showcase for several footballers to make the leap to the most important clubs in the world such as FC Barcelona, ​​Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal, Manchester City, Bayern Munich and PSG.

The German team, since the 2013/14 season, is the seventh team with more income from sales of soccer players in the world with 901.88 million euros behind Chelsea, Juventus Turin, Benfica, AS Monaco, Atlético de Madrid and FC Barcelona. And, from the list, it is the team that has had the fewest casualties in that period, that is, it is the one that sells less but more expensive. And with a positive balance between income/expenses of 129 million euros.

Borussia Dortmund’s top 10 sales

-Ousmane Dembélé to the FC Barcelona for 140 million euros

-Jadon Sancho to Manchester United for 85 million euros

-Christian Pulisic to Chelsea for 64 million euros

-Pierre Emerick Aubameyang to Arsenal for 63.75 million euros

-Erling Haaland to Manchester City for 60 million euros

-Henrikh Mkhitaryan to Manchester United for 42 million euros

-Mario Gotze to Bayern Munich for 37 million euros


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