That’s what Max Verstappen earns per second, even when he’s asleep

Max Verstappen has won a Grand Prix for the ninth time in a row. In the wet Zandvoort, Verstappen secured another win. We already knew that the driver earns a lot of money with his performance. But to get a better idea of ​​the astronomical sum, let’s refrain from a nice calculation.

In this article, we calculate how much Max Verstappen earns per minute.

How much does Max Verstappen earn?

The race in Zandvoort was anything but smooth. Already at the beginning of the race, rain caused some chaos. But a heavy rain finally brought the whole race to a standstill! Nevertheless, the Dutchman got the win.

Before we start the calculation, we must first clarify exactly how much the Dutchman earns. De Telegraaf states that this amount is between 40 and 50 million euros per year.

That’s not wrong! If we assume that Max Verstappen earns 50 million euros, his monthly salary is 4,166,666 euros. That’s just over 1 million euros a week.

Verstappen’s salary per second

We continue the calculation by dividing the weekly salary by the number of days in a week. We learn that Verstappen earns almost 150,000 euros a day.

That is 6,200 euros per hour and 103 euros per minute. After all, our Max Verstappen earns 1 euro and 70 cents per second. Every second, even when the 25-year-old Dutchman is taking a nap. And that until 2028!

Let’s make it clear again:

(in Euro)

Per year: About 50 million

Per month: 4.16 million

Weekly: 1 million

Per day: 150,000

Per hour: 6,200

Per minute: 103

Per second: 1.70

The power of Max Verstappen

It remains fascinating, the salary of the richest in the world. Previously we wrote about the performance of the racer. Curious how much Verstappen is worth and what his investment portfolio looks like? Then have a look here.

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Fun fact: we also find a crypto logo on Verstappen’s F1 car and racing suit. Crypto exchange Bybit is one of Red Bull’s sponsors!

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