That’s how they found a stolen scooter with the help of two AirTags

Apple AirTags are designed so that users can track their personal belongings if they are lost, it seems that people have started to find other uses for them, for example, locating stolen objects.

This new story comes from Dan Guido, CEO of Trail of Bits, a cybersecurity company.

According to Guido, a few days ago his electric scooter was stolen, but he pointed out Twitter what had already hidden two AirTags in it.


guido says that the reason for hiding two trackers was that one would act as bait and was placed in the wheel well. Presumably the idea is that if thieves found it, they would get rid of it and look no further. The other was hidden inside the main tube and covered with black electrical tape.

Using the search app, located the area where your scooter could be, It felt like a house of history. However, when he got there, he saw that there was a motorcycle and electric scooter shop on the street, so he figured it was there.


According to Guido, NYPD officials were initially reluctant to help, as they weren’t familiar with the technology and thought Guido might be using them to help him steal something, but he eventually convinced them.

Upon entering the store, due to the closer proximity to your scooter, his iPhone marked that he was 4 meters away and began to indicate the precise direction with an arrow. The store was full of second-hand scooters, but after a few seconds, she found it thanks to her making the AirTag play a sound.

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In the end, the police questioned the owner about the scooter’s origin and Guido managed to leave the shop with his scooter.

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