that they do not talk about you, perhaps that is the best sign of identity

Companies fight to gain a foothold in the minds of customers, launch campaigns, work on our image and try, by all means, to differentiate ourselves from our competitors and create a memorable brand. But perhaps we are making a mistake in our strategy. Perhaps our best hallmark is not to make noise and go unnoticed. This may sound crazy, but it is not. This last year, in various conversations with IT directors, he has raised this idea: “the best payment solution is the one that does not give anyone to talk about”.

I am writing this article because, ever since I heard that phrase, it stuck with me and made me reflect. B2B brands, unlike B2C companies, cannot afford to sell products by transforming them into superfluous concepts or ideas, we sell solutions and technology that are critical for the proper functioning of companies. Our value is in avoid mistakes and friction, that our presence is not noticed. Our services have to be integrated with those of the client, in such a way that we are not distinguished as an external provider, and our objective must be that they do not have to think about us at any time of the day.

Market challenges in achieving this goal

Is it possible to anticipate trends while eliminating resistance and possible potholes? This question constantly assails us. One of the main headaches comes from the -increasingly- security measures against fraud. It is clear that advancing in this direction is a key objective for our industry, the problem is found in the search for a balance between greater security, at the same time that we advance in simplicity and speed when making payments. On the other hand, we cannot lose the pace of innovation: facial recognition, metaverse, Artificial Intelligence… Will we be able to adapt our technology in time to meet the demands of our customers? Furthermore, one must not forget that We are facing an unstoppable growth in the offer and in the number of players operating within the sector such as Bizumhe digital euro that is on its way, or the cryptocurrency acceptanceHow will we keep up to offer all the options?

Promote the development of alliances and partnerships to achieve this

To resolve these issues, alliances inevitably arise in the payment business, even with the competition, something unusual in other sectors. Probably in the pages of this special that you have in your hands, we share space with companies that are rivals and allies at the same time. In the end we are all connected in one way or another.. Throughout these years we have learned that going alone is very complicated, that if we want to keep up with innovation and customer needs, we must do it together. The world has become an environment without borders, without barriers, in which any company can be in multiple markets with little difficulty. However, for a single company to be able to manage and offer all the services that the client needs is very complicated. It involves a large investment of time, money and resources. Therefore, it is natural to cooperate with a large network that allows working together, with different formats of alliances and partnerships.

Together: more technology and innovation

Proof of this is our agreement with BDP, experts in applications for points of sale, and Ecopaynet, a specialized company, like us, in payment solutions. Together, we have been able to launch this year the revolutionary PAX A920Pro device for hospitality, which allows our customers to have the acquisition service and payment gateway in the same terminal. In addition, it has the integration of the BDP TVP software. With this program, they can not only make the payment or obtain the proof of payment, but also take the order or know the layout of the tables, unifying all the processes. These synergies within the sector have allowed us to further simplify the day-to-day of these businesses, streamlining processes and offering greater control and security, thus allowing them to dedicate that saved time to improving the user experience. Thus offering a more useful, complete and efficient technology, both to our partners and to their customers. Customers who probably don’t know who we are because their payment experience is so easy today, it’s become transparent and painless. I think it is important that we stop for a second, reflect and listen to IT directors, who better than them to define the real needs of companies? The payment sector must go against the current political, cultural and social status quo, where noise and division are promoted, we must row in the opposite direction: seek the confidence and calm of our customers and convert our assumptions opponents into allies. Only together will we be able to move towards the future, we can contribute a lot and learn from each other. If one grows, we all grow.

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