“That there are rumors and so much noise… it is not easy, it is not ideal”

A weekend of high expectations for Ferrari, which brings an aerodynamic package to try to tame the beast and soften the behavior of an SF-23 that has already ended with Sainz and Leclerc on the wall during a session of the season. The man from Madrid looks up at the Spanish GP: “You always have to think about podiums and victories.” He has never finished in the top-3 in Montmeló, but it is one of his talismanic circuits: “Barcelona, ​​along with Austin and Monaco, is among the circuits where I score the best every year. I am sure that the fans have something to do with it, I feel well supported, with good feelings from the fans, which makes me give a little more here”. He marches fifth in the World Cup.

The improvements occupy a large part of the conversation with Carlos upon arriving at the Circuit. The pilot is cryptic about the parts that will change, but confirms the purpose of it: “The enhancement package comes with two intentions: improve the race pace, which is linked to the fact that the car is unpredictable and changes from one session to another, difficult to drive from time to time, as you have seen for Charles and me”.

“It shouldn’t be life-changing, but it’s a first step in what we think is the right direction. We will go race by race. We also have extra hard wheels to test what we want to test and it is the ideal grand prix, which is why the team has made such a huge effort to bring a package that in principle was not going to be for Barcelona. The effort is brutal, Maranello has juggled to get there. That motivates me and makes me happy, ”he transmits. “Red Bull is in another league right now and until we recover tenths, in the plural because there are several, we don’t have to think about Red Bull but about us. In how we improve this car and make it easier to drive, with the tires… that is what we are focusing on ”, sums up the man from Madrid.

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In any case, it is not a secret that Ferrari’s situation is delicate. The results do not come, the car does not settle, the drivers have not been perfect and the constant rumor mill does not help. Sainz himself admits it to AS: “It is not easy, we are not going to fool ourselves. That then there are rumors and so much noise… it is not the ideal work environment to reverse a situation with which nobody is happy. We all expected more, not an ideal situation, but when I see the effort that the factory makes to bring what they have brought here in record time, and I see the desire that everyone has to improve, and that there are still 16 races left. There is still a long year left. There is hope to reverse the situation, have more consistent races, pick up the rhythm of the year. And as the season progresses, I always take steps forward.”

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