Thanks to artificial intelligence, Spotify will translate podcasts into different languages

For more than 15 years, Spotify’s global platform has enabled creators from all walks of life to share their work with audiences around the world. Now the company will integrate artificial intelligence to translate podcasts into different languages ​​and truly take any podcast with you wherever you go. Additionally, the voice of the podcast remains.

Developed by Spotify, this tool leverages the latest innovations, including OpenAI’s recently released speech generation technology, to match the style of the original speaker and create a more authentic listening experience that sounds more personal and natural than traditional dubbing. . A podcast episode originally recorded in English may now be available in other languages ​​while preserving the unique characteristics of the speaker’s speech.

As part of the pilot project, we worked closely with the podcaster Dax Shepard, Monica Padman, lex Friedman, The invoice Simmons and Steve Bartlett for Generate AI-powered language translations in other languages, including Spanish, French and German, for a select number of catalog episodes and future episode releases. We also hope to include other programs such as: Dax Shepard’s impact came with DRS, The Rewatchables from The Ringer and the new original podcast by Trevor Noah which will be released later this year.

«By adapting to the creator’s own voice, Voice Translation gives listeners around the world the opportunity to discover and be inspired by new podcasters more authentically than ever before.“, says Ziad Sultan, Vice President of Personalization. «We believe a thoughtful approach to AI can help build deeper connections between listeners and creators – an important part of Spotify’s mission to unlock the potential of human creativity.«.

Language-translated episodes from the creators of the pilot film will be available to users worldwide Premium and free. We will begin releasing an initial package of translated episodes in Spanish, followed by French and German in the coming days and weeks.

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