Thailand: the return of tourists, under surveillance

Thailand is preparing to reopen its doors to tourists after ten months of isolation. This summer, she experienced a cautious welcome from travelers on the island parody of Phuket.

Tourists have been back to Thailand since this summer, on the island of Phuket. They were able to take advantage of the hotels and beaches on the island, but they had to be vaccinated in advance. They have also been tested several times. Travelers from all continents have returned to experience this unique model in the world. “I feel like I’m on vacation, it’s good for morale with the pandemic‚ÄúSays an American tourist, in a hammock above the water. But how do these vacations under surveillance work?

At the airport, all arriving travelers must be vaccinated and have a negative PCR test. Health authorities then verify all documents required for the stay. As soon as they leave the terminal, and despite the vaccination, each passenger must undergo a new PCR test. “You can’t land in a country without being absolutely safe, but it’s a bit boring.“Says a French tourist. Vaccinated and accredited drivers take tourists to the hotels participating in the program. Once they arrive, they must wait a few hours in their room for the PCR result. If it is negative, they can go anywhere on the island during their stay.

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