Thailand: out for a beer, he gets lost 4 days in the jungle

A trip to the bar that went wrong. In Thailand, a man who went out for a beer at the end of the day ended the evening a little too drunk. So much so that he got lost in the jungle.

The 78-year-old, from Phetchaburi province in southern Thailand, had gone to a bar just for a drink, but ended the evening after drinking five bottles of Chang, a similar local drink to beer, very popular in Asia. He then left the bar on his motorcycle, and vanished, reports the British newspaper Metro, in an article spotted by the Ulyces news site.

Not seeing him come home, his wife went to the same bar to see if he was still there, but employees told him he had already left. However, he managed to make two phone calls the next day and two after his disappearance, indicating that he got lost in the Khong Ta Bang forest during a storm. But he had not succeeded in giving his exact position because the telephone network was too weak.

His wife then notified the authorities, who launched the search. He was found after four days, exhausted but overall in good health, thanks to locals who spotted his motorcycle.

He was curled up in a puddle, and covered with mosquito bites. “I thought I was going to die. My phone battery was dead, my motorcycle was out of gas and it was raining. There was nothing to eat, he said. I was so relieved when I heard the locals. They saved my life. I am so happy to be safe and to see my wife again. ”

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