Thailand: discovering exceptional climbing routes

Railay Beach (Thailand) is one of the most spectacular rock climbing spots in the world where quartic rocks over 100 meters are lined with white sand and blessed with crystal clear waters. They are tamed every day by hundreds of climbers from all over the world to enjoy exceptional panoramas before plunging into the warm waters of the Andaman Sea.

40 euros for half a day of climbing

“It’s true that it’s impressive, in the natural environment, I’ve never done it, it’s also a first”, confides Meryll Colin, a French tourist, who is about to climb the rock under the encouragement of his son and his wife. For 40 euros, each climber can climb different routes for half a day accompanied by a private guide who provides security. And Railay Beach offers an endless variety of rock faces to conquer, some reserved for the most experienced climbers.

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