Thai Prime Minister announced his retirement from politics

Thailand’s Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha, who came to power in a military coup, has announced his retirement from politics. He announced this on Tuesday after being in power for almost 9 years. However, Prayut has promised to stay temporarily in some responsibilities of the government.

Prayuth made the announcement two days before Thailand’s parliament votes for a new prime minister after May’s election. News from CNN

His announcement was widely expected after Prayuth’s military-backed United Thai Nation Party was defeated in the May 14 election. His party won only 36 seats out of 500 seats in the parliament. However, Prayut will remain in charge of the caretaker government until a new government is formed.

Prayut, 69, has ruled Thailand since 2014. Prayut, the then army chief, seized power through a military coup. In 2019, his party’s coalition won the maximum number of seats in parliament. He was elected Prime Minister with the support of the Senate. However, the country’s opposition parties alleged that the election was planned. Prayut denied this allegation repeatedly.

Prayu said in a statement on Tuesday, ‘I have achieved a lot of success. As Prime Minister, I worked hard to protect the nation, religion, monarchy for the sake of the beloved people of Thailand. Which is currently bearing fruit for the people.’

He said, ‘I have tried to strengthen the country in all areas for stability and peace. I have overcome many obstacles domestically and internationally.’

In the last 9 years since coming to power, Prayut has survived multiple challenges through court cases, confidence votes in Parliament and opposition protests.

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