TF1 wants to rejuvenate its audience. The audiovisual group, which brings together several channels including TF1 and LCI, will launch TF1 INFO, a new digital offer which will notably offer personalized news, made according to the tastes of the user in terms of news. The result of a complete overhaul of the group’s digital ecosystem, from January 24 it will bring together all the content of its website, its application and its social networks, for simplified use of information.

Free, this offer presented on Thursday, January 13 is intended to be more oriented towards new ways of consuming news, in particular to attract the youngest. “We have to adapt to new uses,” noted Thierry Thuillier, Deputy General Manager Information of the TF1 group. “Nearly seven out of ten French people get information on their telephone,” he added. It is from this reflection that the idea of ​​the à la carte news was born, which it is possible to generate at any time.

“It’s a unique experience that corresponds to new uses since everyone does not have time to watch the news live entirely”, explained Thursday Yani Khezzar, journalist responsible for innovation at the direction of the information from the TF1 group.

This personalized news will work via an algorithm which will offer the user a thematic selection of the type of information he prefers (sport, politics, etc.). He will then concoct “a playlist of ten current topics”, ranked in order of priority which will come from the editions of TF1 and LCI.

“The algorithm listens to the user. It offers him content that he likes, but it also offers him new things. For example, if he had not checked “international news” but he has learned about the situation in Afghanistan, the algorithm will offer him content on the subject”, detailed Yani Khezzar.


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