Texas Passes Law Banning Transgender Treatments for Minors

Texas state congressmen voted Wednesday to ban gender transition for minorswith hormonal or surgical treatments, while the governor of Florida promulgated a similar text in his state.

In Texas, United States, legislation will prohibit doctors from prescribing this type of treatment, although an exception is provided for minors who are already in some treatment, but must “abandon” it progressively, according to the document. To become law, the rule must be signed by Republican Gov. Greg Abbott, which appears to be just a formality given his position on the issue.

Last year, Abbott ordered an investigation into the parents of minors receiving this type of treatment, equating it to child abuse, forcing some families to flee the state. If this law is enacted, Texas would become the second most densely populated US state and the largest to adopt a policy like this, but not the only one.

Ron DeSantis, governor of Florida – the third state by number of inhabitants – signed a law voted in early May on Wednesday that prohibits hormonal and surgical gender transition treatments for minors. The very likely contender for the Republican presidential nomination in the 2024 election likened these procedures to “mutilations.”

“This is an attack on freedom,” denounced Joe Saunders, of the Equality Florida association, a defender of the rights of the LGBT+ community.

In total, some 15 states have adopted restrictions of this type. Other laws address the discussion of gender in educational establishments, the use of genderless pronouns by minors and even drag shows, considered by conservatives as too sexualized.


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