Texas: 8 killed in horrific crash during concert

Texas: Eight people were killed and several others were injured in a stampede during a concert in the US state of Texas.

Eight people have been killed in a stampede during a music festival in Houston, Texas, foreign media reports quoted local police as saying.

Local officials said the incident took place during the Astro World Festival in NRG Park when some people tried to move towards the stage, causing a stampede and several people were trampled underfoot. Wounded.

Houston Fire Chief Samuel Pena confirmed at least eight deaths and said rapper Travis Scott was performing at the time of the crash, adding that the cause of death was unknown, according to the post-mortem report. More can be said.

Seventeen people have been hospitalized, 11 of them suffered heart attacks, and several others were treated at the scene, where a field hospital was set up, Pina added.

Pictures and videos of the tragic incident are going viral on social media, showing volunteers providing artificial respiration to several people on the street, but it is not yet clear how the incident happened.

Authorities say at least 300 people were injured in the crash, including children under the age of ten.

The opening concert of the two-day event was attended by 50,000 people. Tickets for the event sold out within an hour of being offered for sale in May this year, while the annual event was canceled last year due to the coveted event. ۔

The show was called off immediately after several people were injured in the crash, and the second day’s program was canceled.

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