Tesla was forced to check more than two million cars due to problems with its Autopilot

Tesla You are having problems with your driving assistance system called Autopilot. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), this system raises safety issues, which has led the brand to recall two million of its vehicles in the United States.

The NHTSA investigation lasted two years and concluded that the design of this measure “may provide controls for driver use and participation.” inappropriatewhich may lead to foreseeable abuse of the system.”

As a preventive measure, Tesla will install new safety measures in these vehicles. In August, Acting NHTSA Administrator Ann Carlson said it was “really important” that these types of systems take into account: “People trust technology too much“.

This Tesla Autopilot system allows cars to automatically turn, accelerate and brake within their lane, while Advanced Autopilot can help change lanes on highways but does not make them autonomous.

One of the components of this autopilot is called Car steering, which maintains a fixed speed or distance and ensures that a vehicle stays in the lane. Tesla has not clarified whether the recall of these vehicles will also take place outside the United States.

The investigation began in August 2021 after more than a dozen accidents were identified in which Tesla vehicles collided with stationary emergency vehicles. The NHTSA reviewed 956 accidents The company initially claimed that Autopilot was in use and focused its investigation on 322 Autopilot-related accidents.

NHTSA’s investigation into Autopilot remains open as it monitors the effectiveness of these corrections made by Tesla. The affected models are the vehicles Model S, 3, X and Y.

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The update includes greater importance of visual warnings in the user interfaceThis simplifies the activation and deactivation of Autosteer and additional controls when Autosteer is activated, as well as eventual suspension of the use of Autosteer if the driver repeatedly fails to demonstrate continuous and sustained driving responsibility while the feature is activated, Tesla said.

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