Tesla to open its supercharger network to Ford in 2024

Tesla will give Ford vehicles access to its supercharger network in United States and Canada starting in 2024, also doubling the number of stations accessible to Ford customers, the two companies announced Thursday.

“At the beginning of 2024, all current and future Ford customers will have access to 12,000 Tesla superchargersand high-speed chargers,” Ford CEO Jim Farley explained in a Twitter conversation with his Tesla counterpart Elon Musk.

Farley did not give details about the rates but assured that the group will seek to make them “as affordable and competitive as possible.” For his part, Musk said the adapter will cost “a few hundred dollars.”

Ford currently has a network of around 10,000 fast charging stations for its electric vehicles.the Mustang Mach-E sedan, the F-150 Lightning pickup truck and the E-Transit utility vehicles.

Starting in 2025, the new generations of Ford electrics will be manufactured with a connector that does not need a specific adapter for Tesla stations.

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