Tesla prepares its affordable electric vehicle only for 2023

There has long been talk about the possibility of Tesla developing an electric car more affordable than its current proposals. Nicknamed Model 2 by the community, this would have a base price of $ 25,000.

Apparently this vehicle exists, but it won’t hit the market anytime soon. Thesis shared by Sawyer Merritt, on Twitter, based on information shared internally by Elon Musk.

In a meeting with his collaborators, Musk reported that production of this entry-level model will only begin in 2023. It is important to remember that initial rumors indicated that this vehicle would be launched from 2022.

• Tesla will not call the $ 25k model “Model2.” “Only the Model 3 because Ford had the Model E trademark, so we made the Model 3 to troll them.”

– Sawyer Merritt 📈🚀 (@Sawyer Merritt) September 3, 2021

At the same meeting, Elon Musk refutes rumors calling this new Model 2 car. For now, Tesla’s top manager refers to it only as a “$ 25,000 vehicle.”

This is a strong indicator that there is still much work to be done on the development of this new car. The most important thing will be your commitments to be able to market them for such a small amount.

Will a new vehicle be able to arrive without a steering wheel or pedals?

The inclusion of the most common accessories in a car is questioned after this meeting between Elon Musk and his collaborators. That’s because the CEO asked them if they wanted this vehicle to launch with a steering wheel and pedals.

As far-fetched as this theory may sound, I remind you that Tesla is working on fully autonomous driving technology. It will be the great evolution of the automatic pilot already constant in their cars, dispensing with the human driver and handing over all tasks to the computer.

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However, it seems implausible that such technology will be released in what is expected to be Tesla’s cheapest car. Autonomous driving will be too expensive a technology to integrate into a vehicle that wants to be affordable.

In short, this news attests to the development of a Tesla vehicle for just $ 25,000, but it leaves many questions open. Over the next few months, we look forward to having more news about this electric car that will enlighten us on what it has to offer.

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