Tesla: Model 3 now costs less than some high-end gasoline cars

The Model 3 is now rubbing shoulders with its thermal competitors in terms of price. Tesla’s car is actually cheaper than the BMW 3 Series and the Mercedes C-Class. On the other hand, that’s without taking into account delivery costs and possible adjustments at dealerships.

The Tesla 3 model

Thanks to the proliferation of government measures and advances in technology, the electric car promises to be the new queen of the roads. Thus, 40% of French people guarantee that their next car will be electric. But there is still a big obstacle to its acquisition: its price. In average more expensive than its thermal companion, the electric car is still struggling to truly democratize. However, we must be optimistic. According to some studies, it will be cheaper than gasoline vehicles in 2027.

That doesn’t mean it’s not already the case for some of them. With the Model 3, Tesla has won over drivers with a car that is more affordable than its other models. Also, so affordable that the manufacturer claims itnow costs less than some high-end combustion cars. In his annual report, he cites in particular the BMW 3 Series and the Mercedes C-Class, both above $40,000, while Model 3 costs $39,990.

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Model 3 is cheaper than gasoline cars… under certain conditions

“Unfortunately, most other electric vehicles on the market today still cost $10,000-20,000 more than their thermal equivalents”, laments Tesla. However, while their claims are technically true, the builder is solving with reality. Firstly, it should be noted that the latter compares your car with other high-end models around the same price. Needless to say, it is possible to find much cheaper gasoline cars.

So Tesla can mention the delivery cost, that exceeds €1000, which would increase the price of the Model 3 above that of its competitors. All this, not counting the fact that the report uses numbers from 2020, while the company raised the price of its cars several times in 2021. Finally, the document does not take into account the fact that manufacturers go through dealerships, probably adapting the price according to the market, while Tesla operates through a direct selling system.

tesla model 3 cheaper
Credit: Tesla

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