Tesla is sued for sharing images of customers taken by its cameras

Tesla is facing a class action lawsuit for invasion of privacy following revelations that its employees internally shared sensitive images taken by cameras installed in Tesla vehicles.

The electric cars of Elon Musk’s company have multiple sensors, including cameras, to guide the driving assistance tools, says the lawsuit filed on Friday by Henry Yeh, owner of a Model Y, consulted on Monday by AFP .

Employees accessed those images "not for the stated purpose of communicating, servicing and improving the driving systems of Tesla vehicles"indicates the demand.

But "for the tacky and criminal amusement of Tesla employees, and possibly people outside the company"says the document, backed by testimonies delivered on Thursday by the Reuters agency.

employees disseminated "recordings of Tesla customers in private and embarrassing situations, such as video of a man approaching a Tesla vehicle completely naked, videos of accidents or assaults on the road"he added.

It is also possible to determine where the videos were taken, making it possible to identify the owner of the vehicle, contrary to what the company claims, the lawsuit says.

The plaintiff, who accuses Tesla of invasion of privacy, breach of consumer law legislation, breach of contract and negligence, among other things, seeks compensation.

Tesla did not respond to AFP’s request for comment.

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