The Tesla Cybertruck was introduced by the American brand in 2019. This truck was supposed to start production at the end of 2021, however, that calendar will be even redder.

Tesla Cybertruck production delayed until 2023

According to what Reuters reveals, Tesla will postpone the start of production of the Cybertruck to 2023. This electric vehicle should start building only early next year.

This postponement is due to some changes in the features and characteristics of the Tesla Cybertruck. These changes are motivated by the increasingly fierce competition that this vehicle will have to face in the market.

I recall that Cybertuck should have started its production phase in late 2021. That date ended up unconfirmed, with Elon Musk promising to put his truck on the road in late 2022.

The postponement now reported by Reuters needs confirmation from Tesla, which has not yet commented on the matter. Still, the brand has already removed references to the start of Cybertruck production in 2022 from its website.

A limited number of Cybertruck units are expected during the first quarter of 2023. Only then is Tesla expected to increase the production volume of this vehicle considerably.

The Cybertruck is one of the boldest vehicles Tesla has ever introduced. In the first place, due to its disruptive design, dominated by straight lines and that will guarantee you stand out from the rest of the vehicles on any road.

Also, we have the drag factor associated with this truck. Although the initial demonstration did not go well, the Cybertruck will have a structure capable of withstanding even the firing of a 9mm bullet.

As for prices, the Tesla Cybertruck will start at $39,900, although the official prices for Portugal are not yet known. However, you can now reserve it on the Tesla website with a refundable deposit of €100.


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