Tertuliano of Athletic in El Chiringuito lights up Pedrerol himself

Edu Velasco saw a game that was very different from the rest of the tertulianos

The reading of The beach bar after the defeat of Athletic in the Camp Nou had a point of controversy when the tertullian entered into action Eduardo Velasco. In all the chronicles the exhibition of the FC Barcelona with a Dembele very inspired and 10 magical minutes that completely dismantled the approach of Ernest Valverde.

However, for Eduardo Velascotalk show host Athletic, there were no reasons for the Catalan fans to get excited. In his way of understanding football, the Athletic did not exist at any time. It was nothing like what has been seen in the rest of the season and what is worse: the FC Barcelona played tran tran.

Athletic Beach Bar
Intense debate in El Chiringuito after Barça – Athletic

Pedrerol stirs up the Athletic talk show host

In other words, according to the Athletic commentator, FC Barcelona did not play a great game, far from it, they ran almost nothing and the result is attributed to the rival’s demerit. Some arguments that made the presenter of El Chiringuito very angry. “Let’s see Eduardo, what you’re saying is much worse,” Pedrerol cut him off.

“If you say that Barça played tran tran and that they didn’t run, but they put 3 in 10 minutes. So if they play intense, do they give you 17? asserted a Pedrerol who was not convinced by the arguments of the Athletic talk show host. Some arguments that also pissed off the Barça bench. Jota Jordi did not hesitate to recriminate.

Jota Jordi defends Barça

“We have seen one of the best Barcelona of the season. Without discussion. Those ten minutes have been magical. They didn’t want to make more blood because there are matches every three days and a World Cup in a month”, affirmed a Jota Jordi who was absolutely indignant with the repeated arguments.

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“We thrashed Villarreal and they turned out to be sad, we thrashed Athletic and they had a bad day. In the end, FC Barcelona never has merit when it does things well”, he stated. The reality is that FC Barcelona had a spectacular first half hour against an Athletic team that was completely overwhelmed.

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