Tertuliano from El Chiringuito cries out to heaven after LaLiga’s embarrassment with Vinicius Jr

From the Mega program there has been a rather particular situation with respect to the merengue player

In El Chiringuito de Jugones, everything that happened with Vinicius Jr.. The Brazilian soccer player has been involved in a new controversy, which has many issues to review in detail, such as racism and the sanctions that Che team fans received. Also, something that put the carioca in the eye of the hurricane was the red card he received.

About the end of the game Vinicius Jr received a red card from the referee De Burgos Bengoechea, this was analyzed by El Chiringuito. And it is that despite the fact that the player received the sanction at the end of the duel in Mestalla, everything has had an unexpected turn and one of the Pedrerol commentators has not hidden his annoyance.

Vinicius beach bar
Follow the controversy regarding Vinicius and what happened in Mestalla

A commentator from El Chiringuito does not agree with the annulment of Vinicius’ suspension

It’s about Nico Rodriguez, who usually talks about Athletic Club, but this time he has referred to what happened in the Valencia CF stadium. Well, from LaLiga they have confirmed that they annul the sanction that the central judge has imposed on the Brazilian winger where it is resolved that: “there is an extraordinary, serious and totally unusual circumstance”.

For the collaborator of El Chiringuito, it has been unheard of that Vinicius’ sanction has been removed. He has even asked his followers a question on Twitter, which has ignited the controversy. “How is it possible for a punch to a rival to go unpunished?” The tertullian said it.

Nico Rodríguez causes controversy with his questions to LaLiga for the decision with the Brazilian

This, of course, has caused a good number of comments for and against the Pedrerol collaborator. The madridistas have taken it upon themselves to list some similar situations, where Athletic players have also been involved in somewhat similar actions. Others have brought cases that have also been unfair to the lions.

We will have to wait for what can happen at the end with Vinicius, since everything does not stop there. Due to the cases of racism and others, at El Chiringuito they continue to analyze it in detail. For now, the match at Mestalla, despite the triumph of Rubén Baraja’s men, left more news regarding disciplinary mattersthat in the purely sporty.

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