Tertuliano from Athletic in El Chiringuito to tears with the TAD scandal

Tertuliano from Athletic in El Chiringuito to tears with the TAD scandal

Since the controversial Pedrerol program, a clear concept has been given about the court’s decisions

In it beach bar of gamers a tertullian nothing has been saved against the TAD and the decision that was made regarding the Athletic. The lions have requested a precautionary measure that was never given, but which reached other teams that apparently receive more benefits in this regard.

Let us remember that the tertullian of El beach bar which provides information about the Athletic It’s Edu Velasco. He is the one who is in charge of talking about the issues of the San Mamés club and who incidentally leaves some interesting information and personal concepts of what is happening. There, he has taken the opportunity to leave his discontent about the situation with Yeray.

From El Chiringuito they have spoken about the decision of the court with the lions

A Tertuliano from El Chiringuito is dispatched against the TAD and his decision with Athletic

In this way, its concept has come after knowing the decision made by the TAD with several players. In the case of Robert Lewandowski, the court has granted him the precautionary measure, something that has gone down very well in the internal culé. Of course, the response they have given to the lions has not been positive.

For this reason, the Athletic commentator has given his opinion in El Chiringuito about it. “How easy it is to judge Athletic! Yesterday we were able to verify it in La Cerámica with an action in which neither a penalty nor a red card was awarded. Anyway… We will continue fighting against everything and everyone”. It is what the tertullian has put on his Twitter.

Edu Velasco assures that decisions are not being made fairly in court

The comments for and against have not been long in coming. Many agree that they are only tears. Others agree with the opinion of the journalist. Of course, its publication has given a lot to talk about, since the TAD makes decisions depending on the team in question.

In this case, the inclination towards Real Madrid and FC Barcelona is very marked, who receive many favors from the court. For now, the Athletic commentator will continue to raise his voice against it at El Chiringuito, where the issue is far from over as it is highly controversial.


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