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Tertuliano Betico from El Chiringuito predicts the future of Sevilla FC

Since the controversial program there has been an intense debate around the Seville team

In the beach bar of Jugones there is space to talk about all the teams and one of the tertulianos, the most Betic of all, has decided to mention the Seville FC. We are talking about Capwho forceful as always, has analyzed the present of the Verdiblancos’ great rival, launching a prediction that gave much to talk about.

Let us remember that the team that now commands jorge sampaoli It has had a fairly discreet league start. He is fighting in the last positions and against apparently comfortable rivals he has been overcome. Also, he received two goals in both LaLiga Santander like in the Champions League. Of course, the picture has now changed a bit.

Cap in El Chiringuito
Capi wants Sevilla to fall to Second

In El Chiringuito, the most Betic tertullian has been in charge of talking about Sevilla FC

In any case, Capi has brought out his most Betic side and has given himself the task of reviewing the present of Sevilla in El Chiringuito and has determined the future of the people of Seville. Taking into account the table of positions, he has dared to say that he would like the Sánchez Pizjuán team to go down.

This is the forceful phrase that he has launched in the program that Josep Pedrerol commands and that of course has given much to talk about. It is not a minor issue, since currently the figures have the Nervión club in the last positions. In addition, it is a feeling that goes more hand in hand with the rivalry between both entities.

Capi wants Sampaoli’s team to fall to Second

That yes, in spite of the phrase of the forceful Betic Capi, In El Chiringuito they have made it clear that it will be complex that the descent of Seville can occur. Many agree that at some point the club is going to recover from the pothole they have and now with a new coach the good results are going to come.

We will have to wait then for what may happen with the future of the club Seville, for now, the panorama changes from the hand of a Sampaoli who already demonstrates his style. Meanwhile, at El Chiringuito they will not neglect the performance of the Nervión club for the remainder of the season.

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