Tertuliano attacked in El Chiringuito asks Pedrerol for explanations

Through Twitter, the collaborator of the program continued to show all his discomfort

Cristóbal Soria, an important tertullian from The beach bar de Jugones has experienced its most difficult night in recent times. The collaborator has left the door open to leave his position in the Program that shows Joseph Pedrerol after the last comeback real Madrid before him Manchester City.

A comeback that ended very rough for the sevillista. And it is that with the emotion of the second goal of Rodrygo, Balboa did not hesitate run to celebrate the so much in the face of Christopher Soria. A celebration that ended up sweeping social networks and that no one on television will forget.

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Cristóbal Soria has been very upset and is considering his departure from the Mega program

The talk show host from El Chiringuito spoke about his future and left a lot of expectations among the others

And it is that Cristóbal Soria ended up on the ground and run over live by his teammates after scoring the decisive goal that led Real Madrid to extra time. Much calmer at El Chiringuito de Pedrerol, Cristóbal Soria has taken advantage of his turn to launch a reflection on his future.

“I’m not here to think, Josep, I think that in my case it’s a night to rethink absolutely everything. I’m losing years of life here, and on top of that I have to come to put up with them with a swollen ‘chest’ while they talk about DNA, haven’t you had enough? ”, Soria lamented in front of all his followers.

Even an existential crisis was seen live and in front of thousands of spectators

“I can’t handle this and I’m rethinking all my values, and I’m also rethinking my television existence. I had to be at the Fair. I shit on the mother who gave birth to me”, the collaborator has sentenced. A phrase that he has repeated again from his official profile on his Twitter.

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For now, there is no official news, not even about the television program, much less about his followers. But there is no doubt that this type of remarks will have to take on some relevance for each one to take its indicated consequences. Although for many it has passed as a very funny moment.

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